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CAAV - English Schemes Briefing - Recorded Webinar 2022


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England’s Agricultural Transition Plan is underway. DEFRA has continued to develop its new schemes under the Agriculture Act 2020 with:

- the Countryside Stewardship Scheme revised

- the SFI Pilot launched and SFI 2022 heralded

- announcements on proposed Local Nature Recovery/Landscape Recovery schemes

- its Payment Principles paper published

as well as the continuing role of

- the Basic Payment Scheme with Lump Sum Exit and Delinking to come

- the inherited Countryside Stewardship and HLS agreements.

Farming Investment Fund productivity grant schemes are being offered while interim scherms such as Farming in Protected Landscapes and the English Woodlands Creation Offer are in place ahead of 2024 and the Slurry Investment Fund is to come

With the application windows for BPS and Countryside Stewardship to open soon, the CAAV is running its annual briefing webinar to focus on the main schemes and what is happening with the Basic Payment, Countryside Stewardship, Environmental Stewardship and the Sustainable Farming Incentive schemes in 2022.

If decisions are announced on the Lump Sum Exit Option and Delinking, these will be covered

Speakers include:

Jeremy Moody, CAAV, Lee Martin-White, RPA, Cindi Hughes, DEFRA, Steve Marston and Charlie Chantler, Natural England

Recorded Webinar

This is a recording of the original webinar, including questions and answers, which took place on 17th February 2022 and is available on demand. As a recording, it will not be possible to ask questions during the presentation.

Recorded webinars use computer audio only (i.e. there is no telephone dial-in option). You do not need to change any audio settings for these sessions, as the audio will automatically play using the computer's mic and speakers.


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