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Agricultural Tenancy Disputes in England and Wales

Agricultural Tenancy Disputes in England and Wales

The Agriculture Act 2020 empowers the CAAV President to appoint an arbitrator on the request of either party to a tenancy protected by the Agricultural Holdings Act 1986 or the Agricultural Tenancies Act 1995 for many of the possible disputes under those Acts.

According to the type of the tenancy, issues that can be referred to arbitration and a CAAV appointment include:

  • rent reviews
  • repairing issues
  • some notice to quit issues
  • game damage claims
  • end of tenancy compensation claims.

While those issues can be referred by one party only to arbitration, if both parties agree at the time on wanting an expert determination instead, they can ask for such an appointment or nomination by the CAAV.

Applications for appointments should be made on this form.

The fee for this service is £195 (with no VAT)