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Jeremy's Blog 12th July 2024: A New Government Takes Over

This article by Jeremy Moody first appeared in the CAAV e-Briefing of 10th July 2024 We have crossed a threshold, now no longer in an election campaign nor the long shadow cast ahead of it. A large majority is taking office and beginning to find the difficulties of government. We welcome Steve Reed and Daniel Zeichner to their new roles in DEFRA and wish them well. Although Labour won describing the last government in terms of chaos, it is a moment to note some of what was put in place that now...

Junior DEFRA Ministers

Two further junior ministers have been appointed to DEFRA to join the Secretary of State, Steve Reed, and Minister of State, Daniel Zeichner: Emma Hardy, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State and MP for Kingston on Hull West and Haltemprice Baroness Hayman of Ullock, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State in the Lords

240709: Poole Harbour Catchment - Nutrient Mitigation Credits from Natural England

Natural England have published details on how to apply for Nutrient Mitigation Credits for any housing development in the Poole Harbour Catchment area. The details set out who it eligible, how to calculate how many credits are required, the allocation and prioritisation of credits and how to apply for the Nutrient Mitigation Credits from Natural England. The first round of applications opens at 10am on 31st July 2024 and closes at 11:55pm on 27th August 2024. Full details can be found on the...

New DEFRA Ministers

Steve Reed was appointed as Secretary of State on Friday and, as of this morning (Monday 8th July), has Daniel Zeichner as Minister of State in DEFRA. Both held the equivalent shadow posts in opposition. Further appointments are expected soon.

Jeremy's Blog 5th July 2024: Bigger Issues

This article by Jeremy Moody first appeared in the CAAV e-Briefing of 4th July 2024 This last day of the 2024 general election allows a moment of wider reflection before the business of the new government takes attention. Speaking to the CAAV National Conference last Friday, Jack Bobo, Director of Nottingham University's Food Systems Institute, saw the next 25 years as the most important 25 years in the global history of agriculture, the period until the still growing world population starts...

240701: England - Laying Hen Housing for Health and Welfare Grant Round 1

The Laying Hen Housing for Health and Welfare grant is available to add a veranda onto, or to upgrade or replace existing laying hen or pullet housing (for units over 1,000 birds) to improve animal health and welfare. The grant is up to 40%, between £15,000 and £500,000 per applicant business. The online checker can be used to make an initial online application. The online checker will close at 11:59pm on 18th September 2024....

Jeremy's Blog 28th June 2024: Can Development be Unlocked

This article by Jeremy Moody first appeared in the CAAV e-Briefing of 27th June 2024 We really have to be careful what laws we write if we are not to be surprised by their effects.Here (and indeed in the USA), a surprising judgment sees the courts get attention when they have merely pointed out what the law says. In Finch v Surrey County Council, the Supreme Court has upheld, by 3 to 2, a judicial review of a 2019 permission for an oil well in Surrey because it had read Regulation 4(2) of the...

Jeremy's Blog 21st June: Election Thoughts

This article by Jeremy Moody first appeared in the CAAV e-Briefing of 20th June 2024 A governing party’s manifesto is taken more seriously than many might suppose. The civil service will be poring over it to establish the new policy directions, No 10 conventionally checks off the pledges as progress is made and the House of Lords defers to Bills for manifesto commitments. The political debate of an election campaign then dramatises points, advancing or avoiding proposals and being...

Agriculture and Rural Communities (Scotland) Bill

The Agriculture and Rural Communities (Scotland) Bill has completed its Stages in the Scottish Parliament on 18th June and now awaits Royal Assent. As framework legislation, the practical detail for schemes is to come at some point in the Rural Support Plan.

EWCO Grant Deadline for Next Planting Season: 30th June

Potential applicants are reminded that England Woodland Creation Offer (EWCO) grant applications, aiming to plant in 2024-25, must be submitted by 30 June. This deadline does not apply to Woodland Creation Fast Track projects as these will be processed and an agreement issued within 12 weeks (60 working days) regardless of the time of year, as long as fast track eligibility criteria are met. More information is available here: England Woodland Creation Offer - GOV.UK (

Jeremy's Blog 14th June 2024: Flooding Can Bring a Dark Legacy

This article by Jeremy Moody first appeared in the CAAV e-Briefing of 13th June 2024 We can often overlook how much our landscape has been affected by mining. It is not just coal or Cornish copper and tin. Mining has left a history from the Neolithic flint mines at Grimes Graves and copper mines at Great Orme to today’s great underground granite aggregate quarry at Glensanda in the Highlands and the massive Woodsmith polyhalite mine being hewn under the North Yorkshire Moors. Our varied...

Scam Emails

We are aware that some members have been receiving scam emails purporting to be from the CAAV offering either: A list of over 1,500 adding the AGM or A members list. They appear to be using publicly available addresses and, with a style echoing marketing agencies circulars, these are not from the CAAV. If you receive one of these scam emails, please delete it.

Members Only

Northern Ireland: Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide Alarms Regulations 2024

The Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide Alarms for Private Tenancies Regulations (Northern Ireland) Regulations 2024 have been made. They come into operation for all new private tenancies from 1 September 2024 and for other private tenancies from 1st December 2024. Minimum numbers and placing of alarms are specified in the Regulations, which permit both hard-wired and battery sealed types, provided they are compliant with BS 5839-6 and BS 50292. Further guidance from the Department for Communities...

CAAV Office Internet Service Resumed

UPDATE: Service now resumed The internet service and access to the server at the CAAV Office, Harts Barn, is temporarily down. We are hoping service will be resumed by the morning of 12th June. Whilst we wait for service to be resumed there will be no access to emails. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.


DEFRA has announced that SFI23 will close for new applications at midnight on Monday 10 June. Any application that has already been started must be submitted within 60 days of starting. Applications for the expanded SFI offer will open fully later in the summer. To apply early and access the new range of actions, those interested can complete an expression of interest survey. Applications are then to be invited to apply over the next few weeks....

Jeremy's Blog 7th June 2024: Statutory Powers and Business Agreements

This article by Jeremy Moody first appeared in the CAAV e-Briefing of 6th June 2024 It may be an obvious point when it is put directly that statutory powers override contractual rights and obligations, even those under an agreement with the state, while actions under a contract can change the legal status of land. Equally, an Act of Parliament and legislation under it only creates the powers that it creates; the state cannot just assume it has powers. While it clearly does not feel as...

SFI 2023 Applications: Open Until Further Notice

Following earlier uncertainty (see this CAAV News Item), the RPA has now confirmed that the ability to generate and submit an application for the SFI 2023 offer will not be restricted on 6th June. Applications remain open until further notice.

SFI 2023 to Expanded SFI Transition (Updated)

It has been reported by some that agents on the RPA Helpline are advising that applications for the SFI 2023 offer are to close on 6th of June. The CAAV is working to clarify the position. The RPA stated in a blog earlier in the year that: While we’re implementing improvements to SFI and rolling out the new offer, we’ll temporarily manage access to the service from Thursday 6 June. SFI 2023 applications opened before that managed access starts might have established a place in the system...

Jeremy's Blog 31st May 2024: Innovation in Farming

This article by Jeremy Moody first appeared in the CAAV e-Briefing of 30th May 2024 Last week’s annual Field Day in Scotland on a vegetable farm across the Tay from Dundee saw a demonstration driverless tractor. A 150hp Agxeed diesel/electric tracked tractor was directed out of the building from a console, as though it were a drone. It could then work, driverless, to a programme in a predefined field, a next step in precision farming. Such technology, developing for some time, is beginning to...

Transition from SFI 2023 to the Expanded SFI - Scheme Rules

Members will be aware that from summer 2024, the Expanded SFI Offer is to open to applicants. This is to bring together SFI 2023 and many of the Mid Tier Countryside Stewardship options, with 102 actions to be available in total. Full detail is in our webnote of 21st May. Many of the existing SFI 2023 actions will be available under the new offer. The requirements for some of these, however, will be different under the Expanded 2024 offer (see the full list of actions here). This includes...

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