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CAAV - Biodiversity Net Gain in England - Recorded Webinar 2023


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Biodiversity Net Gain becomes a requirement for many developments in England from November 2023. The policy, which is to be made national under the provisions of the Environment Act 2021, will see developers large and small need to assess and address the impact on the biodiversity of the development site, and to provide a minimum 10% gain in biodiversity value. By allowing any residual impacts to be offset on another area of land, the policy will also create a market for Biodiversity Net Gain credits, providing opportunities for farmers and land managers to secure funding for habitat creation and enhancing the value of the biodiversity on their farm or estate.

In this webinar, Richard Sanders from the CAAV Secretariat provides an overview of the policy, the ways in which biodiversity value is to be assessed, and what this could mean for land use and nature markets.

Recorded Webinar

This is a recording of the original webinar, including questions and answers, which took place on 20th June 2023 and is available on demand. As a recording, it will not be possible to ask questions during the presentation.

Recorded webinars use computer audio only (i.e. there is no telephone dial-in option). You do not need to change any audio settings for these sessions, as the audio will automatically play using the computer's mic and speakers.


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