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No. 252 Private Residential Lettings under the Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016



After receiving Royal Assent nearly six years ago, the Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 with its major changes to residential tenancy law in Wales takes effect on 1st December 2022, accompanied by numerous Statutory Instruments, not only governing new lettings but converting pre-existing ones to contracts within the new regime.

As residential letting, a key source of income from rural property, is an important area of practice, the CAAV has responded by replacing the previous publication ‘The Letting and Management of Residential Property in Wales 2017’ with this comprehensive updated text.

As well as setting out a detailed review of the Act as it has been amended and with its Statutory Instruments the text covers the regime of the Housing Act 1988 whose provisions will continue beyond the 2016 Act implementation date for those agreements which convert. Agreements under the Rent Act 1977 and the Rent (Agriculture) Act 1976 are unaffected by the 2016 Act and so are also covered here as part of a comprehensive commentary on all aspects of the letting and management of residential property in Wales.

On behalf of the Wales Committee and Welsh CAAV members, I congratulate Rebecca Collins of the Secretariat for her detailed work in preparing this text after a complex and protracted legislative process. We also acknowledge and thank the Welsh Government for the assistance given to the CAAV in answering technical queries on the new legislation.

I commend this text as a guide for professionals to what is now known of the new legislation.

Richard Williams

Chairman, CAAV Wales Committee November 2022

Please note this product is available as a hard copy only and will be dispatched free of charge via Royal Mail 2nd class delivery.

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