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No. 239 Arable Farming with Contractors


No. 239 Arable Farming with Contractors

ISBN 978 1 913 664 00 8

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Contract Farming first substantially developed as a response to the pressures, legislative and fiscal, of the 1970s but has been found to be a successful business model with the parties free to agree terms which suit them. Offering a very flexible framework, it has flourished notwithstanding the introduction of Farm Business Tenancies and extension of Agricultural Property Relief 25 years ago, alleviating many of the earlier concerns regarding letting. A mutual relationship, it enables those with land but often with limited other resources to undertake some or much of their farming using the services, equipment and skills of farmers and other contractors who in turn achieve benefits of scale.

The Foreword to the previous edition of Farming with Contractors (NP 188) remains as relevant today as in 2007 when Christopher Perks, then President of the CAAV, urged the need to consider the right arrangements, properly structured, for the parties in changing circumstances. More change is coming with new agricultural policies, the impact of and response to climate change, new trading arrangements and much else looking likely to require major economic change with the need to review farming businesses.

This paper, alongside the new Contract Farming Arrangements for Breeding Livestock, provides a thorough review for agricultural valuers and other professionals of the opportunities,, constraints and intricacies of the subject, offers sound practical advice based on experience accumulated by those in the field and concludes with template agreements which should be adapted according to the parties’ objectives and circumstances.

On behalf of the Association, I record here its thanks to the members who have over years contributed towards this paper and, especially to its Secretary and Adviser, Jeremy Moody who has brought it together. I commend this publication to the CAAV.

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