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No. 236 Reviewing a Business: An Introduction for Agricultural Valuers


No. 236 Reviewing a Business: An Introduction for Agricultural Valuers

ISBN 978 1 901 434 98 9

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The Brexit process with the following policies and economics will change the commercial and regulatory environment for farming in the United Kingdom, possibly more radically than anything since the Second World War. We see Brexit as accelerating change.

Already looking ahead to consider what services clients might want from members, the Executive prepared a discussion paper for Council called Future Skills – Challenges and Opportunities. That paper saw four building blocks in an approach to supporting the future skills of the profession: Entry, Professional Support, Developing People and Industry Leadership. In particular, it reviewed the new or expanded areas of work that were thought likely to require further technical guidance and briefings for members and identified five key areas for Business Skills, Environmental Resources, Innovation, Alternative Enterprises and Professional Issues. Council approved both that paper and then the way in which it was developed after consultation with members in autumn 2019 and work has since been developing on these points.

This publication addresses one of those five key areas of future skills work that we in the Working Group and your Council believe that agricultural valuers, as trusted advisers, can provide even greater professional advise to farm and agricultural businesses as they respond to the new challenges. In our opinion, that advise is going to be even more essential when we consider the emerging agricultural policies in each part of United Kingdom, the 25 Year Environment Plan and, now, the commitment to a “net zero” target for greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The loss of BPS, more open trade, farming restructuring, new commercial approaches, the demands and opportunities of the environment and competing land uses will all mean those who advise farmers and owners will have to have the best business skills and advice.

The Future Skills Working Group is grateful to Jeremy Moody, Secretary and Adviser to the CAAV, for preparing this publication and offers it as the first stage in assisting you as CAAV members to provide that advice.

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