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No. 235 Mediation For Agricultural Valuers


No. 235 Mediation For Agricultural Valuers

ISBN 978 1 901 434 94 1

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It is four years since the CAAV’s Means of Dispute Resolution was issued, setting out the broad framework for arbitration, expert determination and mediation across the United Kingdom. In that period, the government has continued to encourage parties to settle their disputes away from a court while the budget for court services has much reduced, giving more prominence to the voluntary process of mediation.

It is not always appreciated that a wide range of matters can be addressed through mediation to resolve both primary and underlying issues between conflicting parties. That resolution can reach well beyond the limitations of arbitration as well-guided and constructive dialogue can assist the parties to find overall solutions to their difficulties, efficiently and at proportionate cost. Its strength lies in the voluntary engagement of the parties in the process aided by an effective mediator.

This publication now guides the reader through the mediation process, giving a practical insight into the workings of mediation across the nation for all participants. It also outlines the allied process of Early Neutral Evaluation and Facilitation.

The Property Committee, encouraged by the Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales Committees, has promoted this work. Prepared by Jeremy Moody, assisted first by Sarah Chorlton and latterly by Flossy Freeman-Inglis, this paper has benefitted from assistance abs comments by members and others, including Ben Sharples of Michelmores solicitors (also kindly providing the precedents), Louise Taylor of Taylor Millbrook, Dr Richard Crowe, Steven McLaughlin, Simon Mair and Charles Meynell.

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