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Representing Valuers

TEGoVA engages with the European Commission, the European Parliament, other European authorities and organisations (such as the European Property Federation and the European Mortgage Federation) on property valuation issues.

One example of this work concerned the Mortgage Credit Directive, s one of the EU’s reactions to the property aspects of the financial crisis. There were proposals from the European Parliament for the Directive to be prescriptive as to valuation methods but work by TEGoVA ensured that this was left to the judgment of the qualified valuer.

TEGoVA has also done much work to understand the limitations of Automated Valuation Mechanisms (AVMs), where they may be used to aid valuations and where they are inappropriate. It has stressed the EU legal requirements for their supervision by valuers.

This work also means that membership of TEGoVA helps the CAAV to keep track of non-agricultural issues in Brussels that could affect members as well as help the CAAV ensure that the concerns of British rural valuers are put considered in representations for EU policy making.

TEGoVA also reaches further afield with wider international contacts.