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Classes of membership


Student membership is open to those in full-time education (including a placement year) who are interested in agricultural valuation and rural matters. While students are typically on a rural estate management course, this class of membership is open to all who are interested.

Student members are not required to join a specific Local Association. On completion of full-time education, students entering the profession will be expected to transfer to Probationer membership.

Application process:

Prospective student members should complete the application form and forward it directly to the Secretariat and pay the subscription to the CAAV (£35 (inc. VAT)) either by cheque or bank transfer. If joining in the last quarter of any calendar year, the subscription will cover the following year as well.

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Probationer membership is open to all who intend to become Fellows of the CAAV by taking the CAAV examinations. Probationer members must belong to at least one Local Association in the area where they practice. Those studying on apprenticeship courses can become Probationer members but are only required to pay the student rate of subscription.

Application process:

Prospective probationers need to complete two copies of the application form, signed by a proposer (a CAAV Fellow and usually the person supervising the applicant) and a seconder (another Fellow).

Those forms are to be sent to the secretary of the Local Association for the area (see the map), as the process is for membership of both local and national associations. The Local Association secretary will then forward the application (if content it is in order) to the Secretary and Adviser. The Secretariat will then process the application.

Download a copy of the guidance notes on duties and responsibilities of proposers of applications for membership here.

Probationers are entitled to six years' membership though this can be extended where the probationer intends to take the examination. See more information on the examination process here.

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Fellowship of the CAAV entitles the member to use the letters FAAV. It can be achieved by a Probationer Member passing the Association’s written, practical and oral examinations.

There is a combined application form for the Examinations and Fellowship, as Fellowship is awarded on confirmation by the Secretariat of success in the examinations. That form is to be sent to the Secretariat by 31st August ahead of the November examinations. Application forms are automatically sent to Probationers in June.

More information about the Professional Examinations can be found here.

Associate (Northern Ireland) and Initial Member (Scotland)
These categories of membership are now closed.