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CAAV News - 2009

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Help with backdated rates bills

11 February 2009

The Government has announced that businesses facing backdated rates bills will be able to make payments spread over eight years. New legislation has been published and comes into force on 9th March 2009. The full press release can be read at the DCLG website.

RPA makes further run of 2006 SPS interest payments

11 February 2009

The RPA have made a further run of interest payments to farmers who received their full 2006 SPS payments after the close of the payment window on 30th June 2007. Further information is available on the RPA website.

Sense About Science: Making Sense of GM

11 February 2009

The organisation Sense About Science have produced a booklet entitled "Making Sense of GM: What is the genetic modification of plants and why are scientists doing it?" . The publication is available to download from the Sense About Science website.

Welsh Assembly Government announces £26 million funding for biogas

12 February 2009

The Welsh Assembly Government has announced a funding package worth £26 million to develop anaerobic digesters as an alternative to landfill across Wales. For the full press release, go to the WAG website.

Budget day is 22nd April

13 February 2009

The Government has announced that the Budget will be presented to Parliament on 22nd April 2009.

Hilary Benn to consult on voluntary approach to set aside mitigation

16 February 2009

Hilary Benn, speaking at the NFU Conference, has announced that a voluntary approach will be one option up for consideration during a consultation on set aside mitigation measures. Mandatory and incentive-led options will also be considered during the consultation, which is expected this spring with a decision to be taken in the summer. For the full press release, go to the DEFRA website.

RPA: Single Payment 2008 payment update

17 February 2009

The RPA have released their latest statistics on the 2008 payment process, showing that just under £1.37 billion of the total fund of £1.63 billion has been paid, representing 84.35% of payments. The RPA's target remains at making 90% of payments by the end of March. The full press release can be read at the RPA website.

DEFRA: New Task Group for Anaerobic Digestion

18 February 2009

DEFRA have established a new Task Group to develop a plan for increasing the uptake of anaerobic digestion technology as a source of renewable heat and power. For more information, go to the DEFRA website

Welsh farmers urged to vaccinate for bluetongue

19 February 2009

The Chief Veterinary Officer for Wales has written to all vets in Wales urging them to encourage farmers to take up vaccination of their livestock against bluetongue serotype 8. The full press release can be found on the WAG website.

Reading University Confidential Survey on TB in England

19 February 2009

Reading University are conducting a confidential on-line consultation about the experience and incidence of TB in England since 1980. The survey is estimated to take between 15 and 20 minutes to complete on-line and can be accessed from the Reading University website.

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