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2019 Subscriptions are as follows:

  • Fellows £370 before 31st January 2019, £400 thereafter
  • Associates £275 before 31st January 2019, £305 thereafter
  • Probationers and Initial Members (Scotland) £160 before 31st January 2019, £170 thereafter
  • Students £35
  • Retired £45
  • Not in paid work £45
  • Entrance fee for Fellows £200

Rates shown are inclusive of VAT.

A reduced rate of £45 is available to the long-term unemployed. Subscriptions are billed with the December News Letter and are to be paid for 1st January. All subscriptions must be paid by no later than 28th February or membership will lapse. A £200 entrance fee is due on securing Fellowship - and on readmission. Those elected to membership at the autumn Council meeting are not normally required to pay any subscription for the current year. If members are experiencing problems affecting their subscription they should contact the CAAV's Secretariat.

Overseas Members

If a member notifies the CAAV that he will be abroad for a year or more then that individual's membership will be retained without a subscription due. However, the News Letter and other numbered publications will no longer be sent unless the subscription is paid and an address provided in the British Isles.

Changes of address

The CAAV's Secretariat must be informed in writing of all new contact details. This may be done by letter, fax or email but written authority is required to send publications to a new address.

Local Association Subscriptions

Local Association subscriptions are also payable annually and are dealt with by the Secretary of each Local Association. Further information regarding these may be obtained from your Local Association.

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