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Grow Your Future

What is the ‘Grow Your Future’ campaign?

The CAAV is pleased to endorse the Grow Your Future campaign and encourage more people to enter the profession. The campaign has been launched by Andrew Black of Harper Adams University, who said…

“The original idea for a project like this came to life following a conversation at a party in 2013. I was asked by one of my fellow guests what I did for a living, and I replied “I’m a Rural Practice Chartered Surveyor”. The person who asked me this question had never heard of this career and so I tried to explain it, in particular how varied and interesting it was and how no two days were ever the same. I started to discuss this problem with friends and colleagues and I discovered that I was not alone in the problems we face when attempting to explain the nature of our work to people who have never heard of the career. I became very interested in how the specialist rural sector of my profession was promoted and understood by others and whether I could design a website to showcase this career to a wider audience. The result is Grow Your Future. I hope you enjoy the website and it inspires you to join me and thousands of others in a highly rewarding, varied and exciting career”

Andrew Black MRICS