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12 December, 2017

  • Law Commission: Consultation on planning law in Wales (Members Only) Documents

11 December, 2017

  • Rural Payments Service: Logging In and Password Resets (Members Only) Documents
  • England: Environment Agency - Monthly Water Situation Reports - November 2017 (Members Only) Documents
  • Government response to the consultation on new rules for bioliquids, wastes and residues under the Renewables Obligation (Members Only) Documents
  • ADBA launch new AD Certification Scheme (Members Only) Documents
  • Welsh Government: Energy Generation in Wales 2016 Report (Members Only) Documents
  • SI (2017/1234) The Renewables Obligation (Amendment) Regulations 2017 (Members Only) Documents
  • SSI (2017/432) The Renewables Obligation (Scotland) Amendment Order 2017 (Members Only) Documents
  • Rural Payments Service: Unavailable Evening of Wednesday 13th December (Members Only) Documents
  • Electronic Communications Code Conference (Members Only) News

10 December, 2017

  • CAAV Note 171210: Units of Production figures for Wales 2017 (Members Only) Documents

08 December, 2017

  • RPA Helpline: Christmas Opening Hours (Members Only) Documents
  • New Green Alliance Report - Protecting our assets: using Natural Infrastructure Schemes to support sustainable agriculture (Members Only) Documents
  • Heat Networks Consumer Survey: consumer experiences on heat networks and other heating systems (Members Only) Documents
  • Environment Agency: Benchmarking the efficiency of flood risk management asset maintenance costs (Members Only) Documents
  • Welsh Government: Summary of Consultation Responses - Interpreting Welsh law: an interpretation Act for Wales (Members Only) Documents
  • SI (2017/1177) The Environmental Damage (Prevention and Remediation) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2017 (Members Only) Documents
  • Environment Agency: Reducing water pollution from agriculture across Wessex (Members Only) Documents
  • England: Regulatory Position Statement for open loop heat pump systems extended to December 2019. (Members Only) Documents
  • Hydraulic Fracturing Consent (Members Only) Documents
  • Wales: Gwlad - Winter Update 2017 (Members Only) Documents
  • WSI (2017/1197) (W.290) The Clocaenog Forest Wind Farm (Amendment) Order 2017 (Members Only) Documents
  • WSI (2017/1159) (w.287) The Non-Domestic Rating Contributions (Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2017 (Members Only) Documents
  • Scotland: Farm Advisory Service technical notes on alternative watering for field grazed livestock (Members Only) Documents
  • SINI (2017/231) The Rates (Unoccupied Hereditaments) (Amendment) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2017 (Members Only) Documents
  • BPS 2017: Remote Sensing Inspection Reports - Hedges and Crops (Members Only) Documents
  • Brexit: Progress with Phase 1 of Article 50 Negotiations (Members Only) Documents

07 December, 2017

  • BPS 2017: RPA Update on Payments (Members Only) Documents
  • BPS/CS: Proactive Land Change Detection (PLCD) Mapping Update - Online Notifications (Members Only) Documents
  • Countryside Stewardship: Agreements with 1st January 2018 start date - Potential Delays (Members Only) Documents
  • BPS 2017: Additional 'active farmer' checks - Updated Guidance (Members Only) Documents
  • IHT valuation on land to be acquired by HS2 (Members Only) Discussions
  • CAAV Agricultural Land Occupation Survey 2017 - REMINDER! (Members Only) Documents
  • Scotland: Agribusiness News - December 2017 (Members Only) Documents
  • European Commission - Future of CAP: What's cooking for the next CAP? (Members Only) Documents
  • DEFRA Statistics - Nature Conservation: Local Sites in Positive Conservation Management in England 2008-9 to 2016-17 (Members Only) Documents
  • European Commission: Future of CAP - Preserving our soil to protect our food (Members Only) Documents
  • SI 2017/1198 The Common Agricultural Policy Basic Payment and Support Schemes (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2017 (Members Only) Documents
  • BPS/CS 2017: Inspections - Common Land - Land Cover Eligibility Checks (Members Only) Documents

06 December, 2017

  • Michelmores leads on group action against Clydesdale Bank and Yorkshire Bank (Members Only) Documents
  • Scotland: Planning (Scotland) Bill introduced to Parliament (Members Only) Documents
  • Northern Ireland: Consultation on Bovine TB Eradication Strategy (Members Only) Documents
  • Northern Ireland - 2nd tranche of Tier 1 FBIS-Capital (Members Only) Documents
  • HS2 - Ancient Woodland Strategy for Phase 1 (Members Only) Documents
  • SI 2017/1172 The Inheritance Tax Avoidance Schemes (Prescribed Descriptions of Arrangements) Regulations 2017 (Members Only) Documents

05 December, 2017

  • England: Consultation on Environment Agency charge proposals (Members Only) Documents

04 December, 2017

03 December, 2017

  • European Commission Report: Implementation of direct payments in 2015 (Members Only) Documents

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