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Examination FAQ

What is the first step towards taking the CAAV examinations?

You should apply to become a Probationer member of the CAAV by completing an application form and forwarding that to the Secretary of your Local Association.

When should I consider taking my exams?

Probationers should look to take the examinations as soon as they are ready, but usually after at least a couple of years of professional practice. Many Probationers take the CAAV examinations at the same time as the RICS APC. There is no age limit for candidates wishing to take the examinations.

Is my professional experience broad enough?

Looking at the syllabus and past papers will assist you to gauge whether you feel you are getting a wide enough range of experience to cover the areas of work involved. If you have doubts, discuss the matter with the person who proposed you for membership of the CAAV or your local training officer. The tutorials may help but see if you can supplement your experience by assisting someone else for the odd day with, for example, an auction or an end of tenancy valuation. If you have substantial problems, approach you Local Association secretary or Examining Group secretary.

How many tutorials do I have to attend to qualify for the examinations and how do I find out about them?

CAAV tutorials are organised by Local Associations or Examining Groups. Click here for forthcoming tutorials. To be a candidate for the 2021 examinations you must have attended the equivalent of 24 hours of CAAV Tutorials between 1st September 2018 and 31st October 2021. It would be advisable to attend more and the 31st August cut-off date for applications should not preclude you from attending one of the autumn tutorials in preparation for the examination.

In recognition of the difficulties with the Covid-19 restrictions in 2021, the many deferred tutorials and the use of shorter webinars and other remote means for tutorials, this requirement has been re-cast as 24 hours, rather than four days. In this, tutorials approved as full day count for six hours and those as half days for three hours. The tutorial organisers will provide certificates which must be included with the application form to sit the examinations.

In addition to being listed on this website, forthcoming tutorials may be found in the back pages of the CAAV News Letter. The CAAV will usually also distribute a list of forthcoming tutorials in June to assist candidates preparing for the coming examinations. If in doubt, check with your Examining Group Secretary.

When must applications be made to sit the examinations?

Candidates must apply to the CAAV Secretariat at Longhope by 31st August in the year in which they want to sit the examinations. Application forms are available on this website and from the CAAV Secretariat and will usually be circulated to Probationers each June. When completing the form, please consider whether you would prefer your examination results to be sent to your office or home.

What are the fees for the examinations?

Fee for the whole examination: £440
Re-take - Written part only £185
Re-take - Practical & Oral only £255

When are the 2021 Examinations?

Wednesday 10th (Practical) and Thursday 11th November (Written & Oral)

Where do I take the Examinations?

The local arrangements for the CAAV examinations are made by the Examining Groups. Most candidates will take the examination at the venue offered by their Group. However, where only a few candidates or too many come forward from a Group then the CAAV can direct them to sit elsewhere. The CAAV Secretariat will tell candidates which Group is responsible for them. It will then be for that Group to confirm detailed arrangements with all the candidates coming to it usually in the weeks running up to the examinations.

What is the pass mark?

65% overall with not less than 60% in any part

When do the results come out?

All candidates should be advised of their results in writing by the CAAV Secretariat prior to 20th December. Results will not be given out beforehand on the telephone.

What happens if I pass one part but not the other?

You may sit the part failed three times in the following three years. If you do not pass it during that time, then all parts must be taken again.

What do I do to re-sit all or part of the examination?

You will need to submit a fresh application form. Your previous tutorials may still be valid (but you may find it useful to attend further tutorials and refreshers) or you may need to attend additional tutorials to maintain the requirement for four attendance certificates during the three years running up to you taking the examination.

If successful, when may I use "FAAV"?

Having received your results letter, you will be entitled you to use the letters FAAV from this date.