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National & Local Government

Adam Birchall

Adam is the Head of Sustainable Development for Cornwall Council.

I started work with Cornwall Council after leaving Cirencester in 1999. I first started with the County Farms service which provided a fantastic grounding across many aspects of the profession – building surveying, estate management, planning, consultancy and valuation. Working in a local authority has provided a wonderfully varied range of experiences. From the County Farms estate, I was able to move in wider property management for 10 years.

That then led to work with other public sector partners on their assets, and then I found I had a critical mass of knowledge across most significant public assets in our towns in Cornwall and that led to a new career in the planning service and I am now responsible for delivery of the local plan. In that role I now work on a range of town centre regeneration projects and supporting delivery of new housing developments. I could not have achieved that without the range of skills that being an agricultural valuer has given me.