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Jeremy's Blog 1st December 2023: A New Course for the Profession

This article by Jeremy Moody first appeared in the CAAV e-Briefing of 30th November 2023 While having more Fellows and Probationers than ever, the CAAV is conscious that rural practices feel an acute shortage of staff for the growing range and volume of work coming in. With work growing faster than we are, this feels more than the general shortage of staff in the wider economy. The CAAV has been tackling this with a round of meetings with some employers and the universities to see how we can...

England: BNG Draft Regulations and Guidance

The Government has published a range of documents in preparation for the implementation of Biodiversity Net Gain in England in January 2024: Draft statutory instruments, amending existing legislation and making provision for the Biodiversity Gain Site Register, excepted sites and irreplaceable habitatsUpdate guidance for BNG, collected here: Biodiversity net gain - GOV.UK ( revised Biodiversity MetricDraft planning practice guidance on BNG We will follow the announcements with a...

Jeremy's Blog 24th November 2023: DEFRA Call for Evidence on Conduct in the Let Sector

This article by Jeremy Moody first appeared in the CAAV e-Briefing of 23rd November 2023 The let sector covers a third of England’s farmland, still with many 1986 Act tenancies but more than half on FBTs, and still large areas of Wales and Scotland. In addition to that scale, it provides a critical means of flexibility in farm structures, entry, expansion and exit from farming, relieving owners of the need to farm and enabling farmers to have the use of land without having to buy it. Its...

Jeremy Moody bestowed Honorary Fellowship of the Royal Agricultural University

On Tuesday night Jeremy Moody was formally bestowed Honorary Fellowship of the Royal Agricultural University (RAU), its highest honour, in a ceremony at the RAU attended by Chair of the Governing Council, Dame Fiona Reynolds, as well as the Vice Chancellor, Earl Bathurst as Vice President and many of the senior leadership team at the RAU. Jeremy Moody was commended to the meeting by William Leschallas. The event was also attended by friends, family and alumni – including the current CAAV...

Jeremy's Blog 17th November 2023: Farming Consequences of Weather

This article by Jeremy Moody first appeared in the CAAV e-Briefing of 16th November 2023 At least the UK does not have volcanoes. Iceland, a land still being forged in fire, is watching in awe at the risk of an eruption 25 miles from its capital, evacuating a town before its destruction. In Europe’s other volcanic area, the Phlegraean Fields near Naples and Vesuvius have just had a 4.2 earthquake. Here, we are only following Iceland in the more benign search for geothermal energy prospects in...

DEFRA SFI Webinars

DEFRA is holding two upcoming SFI Webinars:20th November, for Livestock and Grassland Farmers4th December, for Arable and Horticultural Farmers...

Thérèse Coffey Resigns

During the Reshuffle of 13th November, Thérèse Coffey has resigned as Environment Secretary. More updates to come on the replacement for her role and other relevant Government positions, as details are know.

Jeremy's Blog 10th November 2023: Housing Development and Labour

This article by Jeremy Moody first appeared in the CAAV e-Briefing of 9th November 2023 Speaking to the North East Chamber of Commerce, Keir Starmer returned strongly to his party conference theme of the vigour that a Labour Government would bring to secure new housing and infrastructure as part of encouraging economic growth (see webnote). It chimes quite closely with the legislation that the Conservative Government is putting in place and, even while repeating the intention to “bulldoze”...

Jeremy's Blog 3rd November 2023: Water, Wind and Fire

This article by Jeremy Moody first appeared in the CAAV e-Briefing of 2nd November 2023 The variability of British weather has long been a topic of conversation but our extreme weather events now come “not single spies but in battalions”. Hundreds of acres of Lincolnshire farmland are still flooded and Angus had at least 11½” of rain in October, the wettest since its records started in 1891. As rain falls on saturated land, we see surface water flooding as well as river flooding –...

Levelling Up and Regeneration Act Becomes Law

The Levelling Up and Regeneration Act received Royal Assent on the 26th of October. It would ordinarily take effect 2 months later, though most items will take much more work and will not commence for some time. The CAAV will brief members on the ongoing impacts of the Act.

Farming Connect Wales: Free Workshops

Farming Connect Wales is offering fully funded workshops looking at improving herd and flock health, performance and productivity. These workshops are to support farmers in preparing for the coming Sustainable Farming Scheme and in working toward the net zero target. More detail is available online....

Rural Payments Service: Offline (Updated 02/11/2023)

The RPA have informed use that they have identified an issue with the Rural Payments Service (RPS). In order to investigate the problem, they have taken the RPS offline. We will update members when more is known about restoring the service. Update: 2nd November, 3:45pm - The RPS is now back online.

Jeremy's Blog 27th October 2023: Climate Change Risk Resilience Adaptation

This article by Jeremy Moody first appeared in the CAAV e-Briefing of 26th October 2023 It is only October and we already have our second “named” storm. Storm Babet has repeatedly battered and saturated Angus, Aberdeenshire and neighbouring counties with still more rain falling after silage bales had been washed out to sea. Flooding has gone wider, whether Framlingham, Derby, Retford, parts of the Welsh border and now the central south coast. This is the present taste of the more volatile,...

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Energy Act 2023

The government has announced that the Energy Act 2023 has received Royal Assent, the final version is now available. Since the Bill entered the Commons it has undergone several amendments.

England, Scotland and Wales: Green Gas Support Scheme Extended to 31 March 2028

The Government has announced that the closing date for new applications to the Green Gas Support Scheme (GGSS) is to be extended to 31st March 2028. The extension is in response to difficulties experienced by project sponsors in commissioning anaerobic digestion plant and in securing feedstock. The extension is part of the Government's response to the mid-scheme review. Further details of the response will follow in due course. The policy framework for biomethane following the closure of the...

CS Facilitation Fund 2024: Applications Open

Applications open on the 23th October for the Countryside Stewardship Facilitation Fund 2024. More information is available here: Facilitation Fund 2024: Countryside Stewardship - GOV.UK (

Jeremy's Blog 20th October 2023: Inheritance Tax - the Recurrent Itch over APR

This article by Jeremy Moody first appeared in the CAAV e-Briefing of 19th October 2023 For at least 30 years, the rural rumour mill over the future of APR periodically goes into overdrive. The chatter then reverberates as others pick it up and repeat the echoes, making the speculation appear real – all told, a masochistic part of rural debate. We seem to be on the edge of one such moment as people try to join up the few dots about future Labour tax policies in this area. Use of APR was on...

Extreme Weather and Schemes: RPA Guidance

With Storm Babet passing through the UK, the RPA has published guidance for scheme holders affected by severe weather events. The guidance is available here: Extreme weather guidance for farmers and land managers - GOV.UK (

SFI: End of Expression of Interest Requirement

Members will be aware of the recent requirement to submit an Expression of Interest ahead of applying for the Sustainable Farming Incentive in England. That requirement is to be lifted this week, and applications invited through the Rural Payments Service. Those farming on commons, however, should continue to express their interest with the Rural Payments Agency.

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