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DEFRA to launch future agricultural policy consultation today

DEFRA is to launch its consultation on the future of agricultural policy in England today. The 10 week consultation will run until 8th May and will include proposals on:

  • "redirecting" Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) money to a new system which will pay farmers and land managers "public money for public goods", with a focus on environmental protection and enhancement, as well as sustainable food production;
  • supporting other public goods, including: "investment in technology and skills to improve productivity, providing public access to farmland and the countryside, ehanced welfare standards for livestock and measures to support the resilience of rural and upland communities.";
  • an "agricultural transition" of a "number of years" to move farmers from BPS to the new system; and
  • reducing BPS payments to the "largest landowners" during this transition period.

Further details are available on GOV.UK.

We will publish the consultation paper on this website as soon as it is available

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