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No. 213 Grazing Arrangements


No. 213 Grazing Arrangements

ISBN 978 1 901 434 63 7

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Advising clients on suitable arrangements for grazing and other purposes by animals belonging to another party is fundamental to the work of an agricultural valuer. While on the face of it the requirements and advise can seem straightforward, valuers need to be aware of an immense amount of details in both law and practice.

The CAAV Numbered Publication 186 “Grazing Arrangements” was published in 2006 bringing together, expanding and updating earlier texts. It has proved of immense value both as guidance and as a reference. However much has changed since its publication particularly relating to Single Payment, movement controls, environmental schemes and cross compliance. This new Publication provides a comprehensive updating. In consequence, Numbered publication 186 is now withdrawn.

The publication includes a details review of the various types of agreement that can be encountered from an informal licence to a formal tenancy with comment on tack and agistment , profits à prendre and other agreements. A number of updated model agreements are provided for use as suggested templates.

An expanded review of animals, grazing and the law sets the context for the use of land by both farm stock and horses. Commentary on liability, rights of way, animal welfare, livestock identification, movement arrangements and disease control is particularly relevant with the growing spread of TB. Taxation implications are highlighted, particularly (but not only) doe IHT and CGT.

The publication is issued when reform proposals for the CAP for 2014-2020 are evolving. The appropriate form of agreement used will require considered advice to reflect individual circumstances particularly relating to “active farmer”, land at disposal and dual use issues.

The preparation of the Publication has required substantial input from Alice De Soer and Jeremy Moody but also review by the Farming and Environment, Property and the Valuation, Compensation and Tax Committees and discussions in Scotland and Wales. This demonstrates the far-reaching implications of the subject. I am grateful to all those involved who have helped produce a publication which will be of immense use to valuers.

There is no doubt that it will need to be kept under review and updated as law and practice evolves particularly in relation to developments with CAP reform, livestock movements and bovine TB. I encourage members to use the CAAV website ( where further guidance and updates will be published.

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