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No. 195 Powers of Utility Companies in Relation to Land


No. 195 Powers of Utility Companies in Relation to Land

ISBN 978 1 901 434 40 8

Price: £25.00


The provision of utility services has undergone significant change in recent years with statutory undertakers becoming privatised utility companies who in turn have entered into a variety of contractual arrangements to deliver infrastructure.

This changing and complex environment is an ideal time for this publication. It addresses the first principles we are sometimes tempted to ignore and sets out the statutory powers under which utilities operate and the rights and responsibilities which these confer.

The publication concentrates on the utility sector but also reviews the role of the Environment Agency in respect of drainage and flood management.

The CAAV are indebted to all those who have contributed to the development of this text which is one of the products of the wider consultation on utilities started in 2008. Particular thanks are due to Roger Bedson, Barry Denyer-Green, Andrew Jackson and Simon Mair but above all to Kate Russell who has seen the publication through from first draft through to the final text.

I am sure that this booklet will provide and important source of reference to all valuers acting in this field whether for utility or claimant.

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