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Transition from SFI 2023 to the Expanded SFI - Scheme Rules

Members will be aware that from summer 2024, the Expanded SFI Offer is to open to applicants. This is to bring together SFI 2023 and many of the Mid Tier Countryside Stewardship options, with 102 actions to be available in total. Full detail is in our webnote of 21st May.

Many of the existing SFI 2023 actions will be available under the new offer. The requirements for some of these, however, will be different under the Expanded 2024 offer (see the full list of actions here). This includes rotational rules and allowances for fertiliser application.

The RPA has advised us that, unless explicitly stated otherwise, agreement holders should continue to follow the scheme rules that were in force at the time they signed up to the agreement. SFI 2023 agreements, therefore, will not be updated automatically to reflect the changed action rules.

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