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Student Research: Experience & Impact of Land-Based Disputes on Rural Landholding Owners

We have been contacted by a student at Harper Adam's University, in relation to post-graduate research.

The research's goal is to collate, analyse and share the findings from experiences of disputes, which traditionally are endured in isolation, to help the sector improve best practices. Participants should have experience from past land-based disputes or conflicts (ie they are no longer active disputes), of any scale of dispute, in any location, in one or more of these sectors:

  • Rural land & real estate
  • Agribusiness: agriculture, farming
  • Forestry
  • Energy, utilities, infrastructure
  • Natural capital
  • Other

Where the participant acted as one or more of these stakeholders:

  • Private landowner
  • Institutional / private equity investor
  • Associated manager, agent, consultant, or advisor

If these criteria apply to your experience, your answers would be highly valued and welcomed at:

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