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Miliband delivers further written statement on SPS

David Miliband, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rurul Affairs, has delivered a further written statement to the House of Commons today (15th May) regarding the Single Payment Scheme. He has confirmed that the RPA should keep their focus on attaining the target of 96.14% of 2006 SPS payments having been made by 30th June 2007 as well as prioritising work on claims regarding "claimants who find themselves in difficult circumstances". Mr. Miliband continues in his statement to confirm that there are still some 22,000 2005 cases which have been indentified for possible amendment. This outstanding work is now to be carried out as a separate exercise from 2006 payments and "corrections to SPS 2005 and 2006 payments will follow as necessary". Please click on the link above to view the full text of the written statement.
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