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Academic Subscribers

The great majority of those entering the profession come through universities and colleges, most doing directly relevant courses, some others doing courses that touch on the CAAV’s work. This makes the colleges an important resource for the profession. A significant number of those teaching in the colleges are qualified CAAV Fellows. However, others with an active interest in agricultural and rural valuations and the work of the CAAV have expressed their wish to become involved. They can do so by becoming Academic Subscribers.

Who Can Apply?

It is open to all who are engaged with relevant subjects solely in educational institutions rather than those who are still also in professional work.

What are the Benefits?

Academic Subscribers will:

  • be sent the CAAV’s publications that would ordinarily go to members (the News Letter, Numbered Publications, etc)
  • have access to the members’ area of the website.
  • receive notification of CAAV events.

Any use of CAAV materials must be acknowledged with that use.

As it does not create any membership, academic subscribers will not be able to hold themselves out as CAAV members nor have any letters of qualification. NB Local meetings are usually organised by local valuers’ associations rather than the CAAV and access will be a matter for them.

What does it Cost?

The annual charge is currently set at half the subscription of a Fellow. Thus for 2019, it is £185.00. This is renewed for each calendar year.

How do I Apply?

Please send the CAAV Secretariat a completed application form giving details of:

  • the applicant (name, address and other contact details, college, etc)
  • the teaching post held and confirm that no arm’s length other professional work outside college is undertaken

A copy of the application can be downloaded here.

The decision in each case is at the discretion of the CAAV. On acceptance, an invoice will sent for the charge.

Subject to any changes in CAAV policy, it will be renewed annually on confirmation that the subscriber is still teaching full time without other outside professional work.