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Fellows (FAAV)

A Fellow of the CAAV is a professionally qualified adviser who specialises in agricultural and rural matters. To become a Fellow of the Association of Agricultural Valuers and be entitled to use the letters FAAV, applicants must:

  • pass the CAAV’s stringent written, practical and oral professional entrance examinations;
  • maintain a commitment to lifelong learning; and
  • abide by the professional standards set by the CAAV.

CAAV Fellows must have a broad knowledge of rural life, understand the relevant law and practice, keep abreast of new developments. They need to maintain a strong sense of practicality on which clients can rely in times when there are rapidly evolving pressures on and opportunities in the countryside while at all times dealing professionally on behalf of clients.

Fellows of the CAAV are allowed by law to make deeds for Farm Business Tenancies, a privilege normally reserved to lawyers.

Associates (Assoc CAAV)

In Northern Ireland, existing members of the Northern Ireland Rural Valuers Association (NIRVA) with 15 years practice were able to become Associates of the CAAV when NIRVA affiliated in 2015.

Other Classes of Membership

  • Probationers are members who have started work and are preparing for the Fellowship examinations. Members will usually join as probationers on starting work as an agricultural valuer. Those on degree apprentice courses will be probationers but at a student subscription.

Download Application Form here

  • Students are members in full time education (including any sandwich year). This will usually lead on to probationer membership.

Download Application Form here

  • Initial Members are members of the Scottish Agricultural Valuers and Arbiters Association who took this status with the CAAV when SAAVA affiliated to the CAAV in 2010. It does not indicate a CAAV qualification.
  • Retired members (CAAV Rtd) are Fellows or Associates who have retired from practice but remain with the CAAV.

For further information about using a CAAV Member and the types of work they usually advise upon, please see Using a CAAV Member.

If you would like to know more about becoming a CAAV Member, please see A Valuer's Career.

Fellow Certificate