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The CAAV is governed by its Council which meets three times a year. The members of Council are:

  • the Presidential Team including the Immediate Past President
  • representatives from all 29 Local Associations
  • the Chairmen of the main Committees
  • the five preceding past Presidents
  • co-options, including the Chairmen of the main Committees (unless otherwise on Council) and a representative for the Universities providing most entrants to the profession.

Meetings are serviced and attended by the Secretariat. All the main CAAV Committees report to each meeting of Council.

The Executive Committee is the management committee of the Association.

The Education and Examinations Committee is responsible for the examinations system and education.

The main technical committees for the whole UK, each with their relevant tax issues, are:

  • Environment and Land Use, covering those topics
  • Farming and Business covering the commercial issues of faming businesses
  • Property, covering issues including land transactions, agricultural, residential and commercial tenancies, other farming arrangements, development control, disputes resolution
  • Valuation and Compensation, covering those subjects with a particular focus on infrastructure work

with these committees also for the devolved areas:

  • Wales Committee dealing with Welsh matters and devolved responsibilities
  • Scotland Committee dealing with Scottish matters and devolved responsibilities
  • Northern Ireland Committee dealing with Northern Irish matters and devolved responsibilities

Articles and Bylaws

The Association, as a private company limited by guarantee, has its constitution recorded in its Memorandum and Articles

Bylaws then regulate: