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Whether you are new to the countryside or a long-standing member of the rural and agricultural community, you may need a CAAV member to advise you about your land and property. CAAV members are highly qualified professionals in the countryside, providing a wide range of advice and services to the owners, occupiers and managers of rural land, property and businesses.

The letters FAAV are our standard of quality and indicate that our members:

  • have practical experience;
  • have passed rigorous CAAV professional examinations;
  • maintain a commitment to lifelong learning; and
  • abide by the CAAV rules of conduct.

CAAV members do not simply deal with agriculture, they are specialists on the use and management of all kinds of rural property, including country houses, equestrian property, smallholdings, sporting rights, rural estates, commercial developments, woodland, quarries and minerals sites, development land, market gardens and leisure property, as well as farms.

In addition to their CAAV membership, CAAV members may also apply to be considered for Recognised European Valuer (REV) Scheme. This Scheme has been developed by The European Group of Valuers’ Associations (TEGoVA) to mark out qualified valuers who are in active practice valuing property. This is a response to the growth in cross-border property investment so that qualifying valuers can be evident to clients from other countries by being awarded REV status. Currently two thirds of the UK’s REVs are CAAV Fellows.

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