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How do Agricultural Valuers add value?

Agricultural Valuers provide clients with professional advice and valuation expertise on a wide range of issues affecting the countryside.

They have a thorough knowledge of country life, understand the relevant law, keep abreast of government regulations and have a strong sense of practicality in times when there are many new or increasing pressures on and opportunities in the countryside.  At all times they act professionally and focus on adding value to their clients.

Types of work often include:

Sales and Lettings Sales, purchase and lettings of farms, estates, houses, commercial premises and land
Tax Planning Advice on rural taxation and finance, including income and capital taxes
Government Schemes Basic Payment and agri-environment scheme application and advice
Auctions Property, livestock, machinery and equiptment auctions
Valuations Valuation of farms, estates, houses, commercial premises and land
Joint Ventures Designing share farming, contract farming and other agreements
Compensation Compulsory purchase and compensation claims, including water and gas pipelines, road and rail schemes and electricity wayleaves
Planning Preparing advice, applications, site promotion and appeals
Diversification Providing advice, grant/finance applications and any planning issues
Renewable Energy Advising on renewable energy projects including wind, solar, water, biofuels and biomass
Telecoms Advice on agreements relating to telecommunication masts and broadband cables
Post-Brexit Advice Advising, supporting and acting for clients with new policies
Dispute Resolution Arbitration and dispute settlements, mediation, independent experts, evidence preperation and hearings
Estate Management Management of rural property and business
Strategic Business Advice Strategic business advice, planning and identifying opportunities
Environment Advice on government schemes, natural capital, biodiversity, soils, water and climate change

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