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RSS Feeds
Subscribe to our RSS feeds and receive alerts from different parts of the website. The feeds are updated whenever new information is added to our site (What's New, Members' Documents, News, Events, Jobs and Shop Items).

What is RSS?
RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and provides a fast and effective way of keeping up to date with new information posted on the website.

How do I start using RSS?
To use RSS feeds you will need an RSS feed reader. RSS feed readers are available online and many of them are free of charge. Some web browsers have built-in RSS feed readers or you can use dedicated applications such as Google Reader.

Certain email applications such as Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird allow you to subscribe to RSS feeds also.

Once you have signed up to an RSS feed reader, go to one of the following feed/s you would like to subscribe to. Either drag the orange RSS button into your RSS feed reader or cut and paste the RSS link address into the subscription box in your reader.

A list of RSS feeds you can subscribe to for updates.

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Please note that there have been some changes made to the way in which RSS feeds work on this website. Members who have already subscribed to RSS feeds on the CAAV website will need to re-subscribe as the ‘old’ feeds will no longer function from this Monday 7th April. RSS feeds are now available in each section of the website and it is now possible to subscribe to a main category or a sub-category wherever you see the RSS logo.





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