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No. 201 Telecommunications Masts

No. 201 Telecommunications Masts

ISBN 987 1 901 434 47 7

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After many years of rapid growth in the number of mast sites, the telecommunications industry is now seeing both increasing consolidation with pressure on costs and the prospect of further technological development with a society ever more dependent on its services. These challenges make it an appropriate time for this detailed review of the law and practice relating to telecommunications masts to be issued to assist professionals acting in this sector.

Statistics indicate that there are many site owners who negotiate telecoms leases and rent reviews without taking professional advice, perhaps often to their detriment.  Many will be unfamiliar with the Electronic Communications Code and its problems and issues that can bear on redevelopment, assignment and other practical matters. This publication will assist members in providing comprehensive advice to the benefit of their clients.

This text is prepared for use throughout Great Britain, based on the position as it was understood in August 2010. It will doubtless prove to be a document of its time and, in a sector with limited specific case law, understanding, judgements and practice will develop as issues are tested. It is offered now to assist that development.

The Property Committee is indebted to Ian Thornton-Kemsley of the Scottish Agricultural Arbiters and Valuers Association, now affiliated to the CAAV, who is a recognised expert in this field, for his contribution and the benefit of his extensive practical experience both north and south of the border. We are also grateful to Zoe Wright of Shoosmiths, solicitors in Milton Keynes who reviewed the text with a keen legal eye and suggested a number of improvements. I am also grateful to Jeremy Moody for drafting with Kate Russell and to the Committee and other members acting for both site owners and mast operators who had an input.


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