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20 September, 2019

  • DEFRA: Identify livestock for export to the EU in a no-deal Brexit (Members Only) Documents
  • Wales: Consultation on changes to the terms and conditions for agricultural workers (Members Only) Documents
  • DEFRA Consultation: Ageing sheep at slaughter - introducing a new method (Members Only) Documents
  • England: Farming Recovery Fund 2019 - Open for Applications (Members Only) Documents

19 September, 2019

  • Charities say £3 billion per year needed to support nature-friendly farming News
  • Northern Ireland: Consultation on an Environment Strategy for Northern Ireland (Members Only) Documents
  • Scottish Land Commission: The Future of Common Good Assets in Scotland (Members Only) Documents
  • England: Coastal Access Path as at Sept 2019 (Members Only) Documents
  • Northern Ireland: Farm Advisory System Newsletter - issue 14 (Members Only) Documents
  • RICS consultation: Draft PS on data handling and prevention of cybercrime (Members Only) Documents
  • Scotland: SLE Report - Route 2050: A direction of travel for Scottish land management (Members Only) Documents
  • Northern Ireland: Consultation on business rates (Members Only) Documents
  • HS2: Removal of further ancient woodland halted pending review (Members Only) Documents
  • England: Wild Birds General Licence Survey (Members Only) Documents
  • RICS PS: Surveyors Advising in Respect of Compulsory Purchase - updated Sept 2019 (Members Only) Documents

18 September, 2019

  • Countryside Productivity Large Grants Scheme: Improving Farming Productivity - Additional Funding (Members Only) Documents
  • Brexit Imports and Exports Helpline - Contact Details (Members Only) Documents
  • Rural Payments Service: Unavailable until 7 a.m. Tomorrow (Members Only) Documents
  • DEFRA: Flowchart for exporting live animals to the EU after Brexit (Members Only) Documents
  • DEFRA/FSA: Flowchart for exporting meat and dairy to the EU after Brexit (Members Only) Documents

17 September, 2019

  • Wales: No-deal Brexit Action Plan Published (Members Only) Documents
  • Scotland: Farm Advisory Service - An Introduction to Invasive Plant Species in Scotland (Members Only) Documents
  • DEFRA: Future Farming Resilience Funding - Apply by 20th October 2019 (Members Only) Documents
  • CAAV Council Papers - 25th September 2019 (Members Only) Documents
  • CGT Valuation - Comparable Evidence (Members Only) Discussions
  • Environmental Audit Committee Report: "Our Planet, Our Health" (Members Only) Documents
  • England: SSSI Consent Advice Request Form - Updated September 2019 (Members Only) Documents

16 September, 2019

13 September, 2019

  • BPS: Financial Discipline Mechanism 2017 Reimbursements (Members Only) Documents
  • England: Sound estate management - Carr v Evelyn (Members Only) Documents
  • Wales: Local Authority Smallholdings Annual Report 2017 - 2018 (Members Only) Documents
  • England: Defra review into release of gamebirds on protected sites (Members Only) Documents
  • England: Environment Agency advice on changes to abstraction (Members Only) Documents
  • CAAV Note 190913: Agricultural Holdings - Notice to Quit - Herefordshire CC v Bayliss (Members Only) Documents
  • Higher Level Stewardship (HLS) 2020 Expiries - One Year Agreement Extensions (Members Only) Documents

12 September, 2019

  • DEFRA: Bovine TB - An update on TB surveillance in wildlife (September 2019) (Members Only) Documents
  • UK Government: 'Get Ready for Brexit' campaign (Members Only) Documents
  • Brexit: Operation Yellowhammer - No-Deal Worst Case Planning Assumptions (Members Only) Documents
  • DEFRA: Cattle Farm Practices Survey April 2019 (Members Only) Documents

11 September, 2019

  • England: Bovine TB - 2019 Badger Control Licences Announced (Members Only) Documents
  • CAAV Note: DEFRA Import and Export Brexit Newsletter - Issue 2 (9th September 2019) (Members Only) Documents

10 September, 2019

  • Natural Capital Committee: Response to the 25 Year Environment Plan Progress Report - September 2019 (Members Only) Documents
  • Northern Ireland: Rural Micro Capital Grant Scheme 2019 (Members Only) Documents
  • Scotland: Agribusiness News - September 2019 (Members Only) Documents
  • Rural Payments Service: Maps unavailable on 11th September, 6-8 p.m. (Members Only) Documents
  • DEFRA: Draft Code of Practice for the Welfare of Pigs (Members Only) Documents
  • Agriculture Bill 'falls' with suspension of Parliament (Members Only) Documents
  • Recognition of Soil Health in Tenure and Land Use Agreements (2018) (Members Only) Documents
  • RICS Red Book: Consultation on draft changes 2019 (Members Only) Documents
  • CAAV Note 190910: Fertiliser values for end of tenancy compensation - Autumn 2019 (Members Only) Documents
  • Brexit: Guide to exporting meat and dairy to the EU (Members Only) Documents

09 September, 2019

06 September, 2019

  • Fishing Rights - solicitors (Members Only) Discussions

04 September, 2019

  • Northern Ireland: 2019 Advance CAP payments (Members Only) Documents
  • England: BPS 2019 - Euros Payments to continue (Members Only) Documents
  • Scotland: BPS 2020 - Greening Guidance (Members Only) Documents

03 September, 2019

  • HS2: Written Statement by the Secretary of State for Transport 3/9/19 (Members Only) Documents
  • Crown Estate Scotland 2020-2023 Corporate Plan and Strategic Management Plan consultations (Members Only) Documents
  • England: MHCLG Community Infrastructure Levy guidance updated (Members Only) Documents