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11 November, 2019

  • BPS 2019: Bank Account Detail Changes - Provide Before 15th November 2019 (Members Only) Documents

08 November, 2019

  • University of Exeter: Call for evidence on prospects for livestock auction marts in the UK (Members Only) Documents

07 November, 2019

  • CAAV Note 191107: Fertiliser values for end of tenancy compensation - Autumn 2019 (Members Only) Documents
  • Welsh Government Guidance: Seasonal Grazing (wintering/tack) - CPH and Movement Rules (Members Only) Documents
  • Wales: Farming Connect - Profit from Pasture Programme (Members Only) Documents
  • CAAV Note 191107: FCA Senior Managers and Certification Regime (Members Only) Documents
  • CAAV Members' Handbook 2019/20 (Members Only) Documents
  • CAAV Note 191107: Charnley v HMRC - Application of APR and BPR to Land on Grazing Licences (Members Only) Documents
  • SI 2019/1453 The Agricultural Holdings (Units of Production) (England) (No.2) Order 2019 (Members Only) Documents
  • CAAV Note 191107: Units of Production (England) (No.2) Order 2019 (Members Only) Documents
  • CAAV Note 191107: Commercial Unit Test - average earnings - 2019 provisional figures (Members Only) Documents
  • Scottish Government Consultation: Reviewing and Extending Permitted Development Rights (Members Only) Documents
  • Scotland: FAS - Animal Welfare Updates November 2019 (Members Only) Documents
  • House of Commons Library Briefing Paper: 'Brexit: Trade issues for food and agriculture' (Members Only) Documents
  • Agriculture (Retained EU Law and Data) (Scotland) Bill (Members Only) Documents

06 November, 2019

  • BPS: GOV.UK Guidance on Permissions and where RPA sends correspondence (Members Only) Documents
  • BPS 2020: Proactive Land Change Detection (PLCD) Mapping Changes - An Update (Members Only) Documents
  • Brexit: Export licences and special rules after a no-deal Brexit (Members Only) Documents
  • Scottish Government Consultation: The Replacement of European Structural Funds in Scotland post EU-Exit (Members Only) Documents
  • Home Office Consultation: Measures to criminalise trespassing when setting up an unauthorised encampment (Members Only) Documents