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18 December, 2019

  • England: Farming Recovery Fund - Flooding November 2019 - Update 18.12.19 (Members Only) Documents
  • Scotland: Animal Welfare Updates - December 2019 (Members Only) Documents
  • CAAV CAP Briefing - 12th February 2020 - Bookings Open (Members Only) Documents
  • Scotland: Rural Issues News - 16th December 2019 (Members Only) Documents
  • Scottish Government Research Paper: Eradicating BVD - estimating the savings to farmers (Members Only) Documents
  • GOV.UK Guidance: Register land you use to keep livestock - CPH numbers (Members Only) Documents
  • Market Garden Rental Comparables (Members Only) Discussions
  • BPS 2019 Payments: Emails/Letters to Unpaid Claimants in December 2019 (Members Only) Documents

17 December, 2019

16 December, 2019

  • CAAV Member Survey 2019: The Work That Agricultural Valuers Do (Members Only) Documents
  • December 2019 CAAV News Letter 177 (Members Only) Documents
  • APHA Guidance: Bovine TB Testing Intervals 2020 (Members Only) Documents
  • Rural Payments Service: Digital Maps Unavailable 16th December, 6 p.m.-Midnight (Members Only) Documents
  • Guide to Cross Compliance in England 2020 (Members Only) Documents

13 December, 2019

  • CS 2020 Agreements: Water Capital Only - SSSI Permission (Members Only) Documents
  • CS/ES: Moorland Burning Reminder (Members Only) Documents
  • BPS 2019 Payments: Incorrect Text on Claim Statements (Members Only) Documents
  • BPS 2019 Payments: Claw-back of invalid entitlements (Members Only) Documents

12 December, 2019

  • Windfarm Developers (Members Only) Discussions
  • HS2 Phase 1: New guidance for claimants 2019 (Members Only) Documents
  • A European Green Deal (Members Only) Documents
  • CAAV Note 191212: Septic Tanks in England - removal of 1/1/20 deadline (Members Only) Documents

11 December, 2019

  • RICS: Foundation Certificate in ADR and Conflict Avoidance (Members Only) Documents
  • CAAV Note 191211: Compulsory purchase of a property in negative equity (Members Only) Documents
  • England and Wales: Residential Property Letting Fees (Members Only) Documents
  • Rural Start-up Fund News
  • Avian Flu confirmed in Mid Suffolk News

10 December, 2019

  • England: RPA Inspections Leaflet (Members Only) Documents
  • Scotland: FAS Agribusiness News - December 2019 (Members Only) Documents
  • Welsh Government Consultation: The Clean Air Plan for Wales - Healthy Air, Healthy Wales (Members Only) Documents
  • England: RDPE Growth Programme - EOI Workshops - January/February 2020 (Members Only) Documents
  • Wales: Bovine TB - Management of TB02 Restriction Notices in herds being managed across multiple holdings (Members Only) Documents
  • BPS 2019 Payments: Outstanding Payment Queries (Members Only) Documents

09 December, 2019

  • Natural Capital Management training events 2020 (Members Only) Documents
  • UPDATED Rural Payments Service: Unavailable 11th December, 6-8 p.m. (Members Only) Documents
  • Wales: Climate Change Adaptation Plan (Members Only) Documents
  • Scotland: Research on attacks on sheep by dogs and wildlife (Members Only) Documents
  • WSI 2019/1493 (W.272) The Renting Homes (Fees etc.) (Holding Deposit) (Specified Information) (Wales) Regulations 2019 (Members Only) Documents
  • Northern Ireland: Farm performance indicators 2018-19 (Members Only) Documents

06 December, 2019

  • CAAV Agricultural Land Occupation Survey 2019 - Deadline extension!! (Members Only) Documents

05 December, 2019

  • England: Farming Recovery Fund - Flooding November 2019 - Eligible Areas Confirmed (Members Only) Documents

04 December, 2019

  • Northern Ireland: BPS payments made to 99% of claimants (Members Only) Documents
  • Scottish Land Commission: Good Practice Programme (Members Only) Documents
  • Wales: Land Transaction Tax - Information for Professionals (Members Only) Documents

02 December, 2019

  • MFL Autumn Bulletin 2019: Secondary Lenders (Members Only) Documents
  • Rural Payments Service: Unavailable 4th December, 6-9 p.m. (Members Only) Documents
  • CAAV Agricultural Land Occupation Survey 2019 - England and Wales (Members Only) Documents