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20 March, 2020

  • CAAV Note 200320: Covid-19 response - Valuation without internal inspection (Members Only) Documents
  • HM Treasury: How to access government financial support if you or your business has been affected by COVID-19 (Members Only) Documents

19 March, 2020

  • England: 69th Annual Report on Local Authority Smallholdings (Members Only) Documents
  • Covid-19: Scottish and Welsh financial packages (Members Only) Documents
  • Covid-19: Proposed ban on evictions for residential tenants in England (Members Only) Documents
  • Bank of England cuts base rate to 0.1% News
  • HS2: Phase 1 Land in stewardship agreements - new forms (Members Only) Documents
  • CAAV Note 200319: Covid-19 and Companies House Deadlines (Members Only) Documents
  • CAAV Note 200319: Valuation Uncertainty in the Covid-19 Outbreak (Members Only) Documents
  • BPS 2020 Applications: Common land data display issue resolved (Members Only) Documents
  • CAAV Note 200319 DEFRA Agricultural Tenancy Reform proposals (Members Only) Documents

18 March, 2020

  • CAAV Note 200318: Partnership disputes - recent cases (Members Only) Documents
  • Livestock Auctioneers' Association: COVID-19 - Guidance for Livestock Markets (Members Only) Documents
  • Wales: Report on the potential for a local Land Value Tax in Wales (Members Only) Documents
  • CAAV Note 200318: Covid-19 and the CAAV (Members Only) Documents
  • Protection for private renters during Covid-19 outbreak News
  • DEFRA Response to Agricultural Tenancies Consultation News
  • DEFRA Consultation on Agricultural Tenancies in England - Government Response (Members Only) Documents
  • Rural Payments Service: Unavailable this evening, 6-9 p.m. (Members Only) Documents
  • Estate Management - Covid-19: tenants/lessees: policy towards those having rent payment difficulties (Members Only) Discussions
  • Government announces emergency Coronavirus Bill News
  • CAAV Note 200318: Covid-19 - Further Financial Measures (Members Only) Documents

17 March, 2020

  • Wales confirms emergency support for businesses affected by coronavirus News
  • Environment Agency: Strategy for Safe and Sustainable Sludge Use (Members Only) Documents
  • CAAV Note: 'Dual Use' - Written Evidence Requirements for BPS and Agri-environment Schemes (England) - March 2020 Version (Members Only) Documents
  • CS 2020: 'How to submit a revenue claim online' guidance published on GOV.UK (Members Only) Documents
  • Wales: Farm Business Grant - Eligibility Criteria and Coronavirus Implications (Members Only) Documents
  • BPS 2020: Online Applications - Commons screens (Members Only) Documents
  • CAAV Note 200317: The 2020 Spring Budget - update (Members Only) Documents

16 March, 2020

  • Countryside Stewardship: Agreements starting 1st January 2016, 2017 and 2018 - Inspections - BE3 (Members Only) Documents
  • CAAV Note 200316: SDLT rates in England - Pensfold v HMRC (Members Only) Documents
  • Wales: Glastir Woodland Restoration Rules Booklet - Round 8 - Submit by 24th April 2020 (Members Only) Documents
  • Wales: Glastir Woodland Creation Rules Booklet - Round 9 - Submit by 12th June 2020 (Members Only) Documents
  • £1 million for Future Farming Resilience Funding News
  • England: Reservoir safety - Toddbrook report (Members Only) Documents
  • BPS 2020 Applications and Agri-environment Claims - Coronavirus Implications (Members Only) Documents
  • England: Meeting our Future Water Needs - a National Framework for Water Resources (Members Only) Documents
  • UKIA: Irrigation Strategy for UK Agriculture and Horticulture (Members Only) Documents
  • CAAV Note 200316: Valuers fees in partnership dispute (Members Only) Documents
  • BPS/CS 2020 Applications: Rural Payments Service - Maps Unavailable 18th March, 6-9 p.m. (Members Only) Documents
  • Northern Ireland: Environmental Farming Scheme - update March 2020 (Members Only) Documents
  • Northern Ireland: RHI Inquiry Report published (Members Only) Documents
  • BPS 2020: How to apply online guidance - conflicting information on "dual use" situations (Members Only) Documents
  • Scotland: Agricultural Wages (Scotland) Order 2020 (Members Only) Documents
  • CS 2020 Applications: "Add land" email requests - deadline extended to 30th June 2020 (Members Only) Documents
  • BPS/CS: RLE1 Guidance - 2020 Version Published (Members Only) Documents

14 March, 2020

  • Scotland: SAF 2020 Opens 15th March and Crop Diversification Derogation (Members Only) Documents

13 March, 2020

  • Scotland: Report on the viability of mobile abattoirs (Members Only) Documents
  • CAAV Note 200313: England - Planning for Change policy proposals (Members Only) Documents
  • BPS/CS 2020: Mapping Changes via RPA Helpline (Members Only) Documents