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The Future Skills Review

This Future Skills Working Group was formed and then:

  • led last autumn’s Future Skills consultation paper looking at:
    • entry to the profession, including the syllabus, examinations and probationer training
    • support for members in professional work, including publications, briefing and conferences
    • developing people, including post-qualification training and leadership
    • industry leadership by the CAAV and members
  • reported on the responses to the February Council [link], identifying skills in business appraisal, environmental issues and resources and innovation as key areas to be developed.
  • made recommendations for the next steps to the May Council which approved them.

This work is now being taken forward by the Working Group with aspects now passed to the Natural Capital/Working Group and the Education and Examinations Committee.

Taking it Forward

It is likely to be taken forward by a mix of direct work by the CAAV with briefings, conferences publications and other tools, working with specialists in relevant areas and signposting members to third party providers.  Successive phases would cover:

  • promoting awareness of the skills that might be needed and their importance to members and their clients
  • identifying the detailed skills that would be needed and how far they can be provided directly by the CAAV or by third parties
  • ensuring training and support by events, with third parties and by briefings and publications.


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