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Areas of Work - What is Being Done?

Understanding Business

With the expected economic pressure on many businesses requiring a closer knowledge and greater confidence in appraising business issues, a numbered publication is now being prepared for members on accounts, business review and forward planning to sit alongside a publication on joint ventures in farming. These topics are likely to be developed in conferences and workshops to support members helping clients take stock of their positions, with their threats and opportunities, come to take decisions and implement them, with all the personal negotiation that may be required to achieve that.

Members as Advisers

With that background, work for this autumn includes reviewing how members may be best placed for the prospective advisory work:

  • for business review and other work
  • more specifically as may be required by new government schemes such as Environmental Land Management in England and the Sustainable Farming Scheme in Wales.

New Technology and Innovation

The Executive has awarded a scholarship to review the opportunities for members with the new technologies, reporting in 2020.  Work is also to increase awareness of the potential of innovation for clients’ businesses, aiding conversation with clients and understanding of the issues.

Dispute Resolution

Work is considering possible roles for members in dispute resolution, building on June's publication on mediation alongside expert determination and arbitration. 

Effect of "Net-Zero" Policies

The issues for climate change mitigation and adaption, notably for land use and buildings, with the government’s adoption of a net zero target for greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Natural Capital

Natural capital issues are coming to the fore with the expectation of policies of “public money for public goods”, potential private sector markets and forthcoming post-Brexit environmental legislation leading to the greater use of biodiversity offsetting and the prospect of conservation covenants.  Members may be involved in brokering arrangements, effecting transactions and monitoring and auditing, commissioning reports and advising clients with all the interactions with other topics.

Building Understanding of Natural Capital

The Natural Capital Working Group has been considering the growing discussion across the United Kingdom of natural capital and payments for eco-systems.  In May, Council approved an introductory briefing note for members which has bene published on the website.

Identifying Natural Capital Assets and Eco-System Services

A working party is now looking at this to produce briefing for members, supporting their work in advising clients. 

Valuing Assets and Services – Work is to look further at approaches to finding their worth and also the transactions prices needed for agreements to happen.


From agricultural productivity and residence to carbon sequestration and water management, there is increasing discussion of and policy interest in soils which are now mentioned in the 2019 examination syllabus.  A working party is reviewing what members may need for work in supporting clients, whether in tenancy and farming agreements, valuations, government schemes, compulsory purchase, Environmental Impact Assessments or other purposes so that members can:
  • commission a report with the right information on soils
  • analyse and understand it
  • advise the client in consequence
  • consider the effects for land occupation rights.

Recruitment to the Profession

The Education and Examinations Committee is looking:
  • with the Executive, at work on improving recruitment to the profession
  • at relations with the universities and colleges
  • ways to stimulate awareness of the profession among potential and current students and others

Promoting the Profession - The New Public Portal to the Website

A new public face was given to the website in June, with new and enlarged material, leaving the members’ area untouched, on:
  • the CAAV
  • a valuer’s career from college to work
  • using a valuer
  • how to join the CAAV.

These pages with materials from case studies of degree apprentices to lists of Fellows acting arbitrators and mediators, will be steadily developed as a public face for the CAAV and the profession.    


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