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Future Skills for CAAV Members

Why “Future Skills”? - The Challenge

The growing diversity and complexity of clients’ businesses combined with the pressures foreseen from post-Brexit changes to support and trade policies are all expected to drive substantial change for agricultural and rural businesses. 

Those businesses will be in need of professional support that gives them value, in looking at better businesses, changing land use and occupation, generational change in and outside the family, new business or development opportunities, environmental possibilities and the potential and limitations of all options.  

This is work likely to be central to many members’ businesses during the 2020s.

The Task for the CAAV – Helping Members Give Value

With members’ skills in problem solving and adding tangible value to clients by;

  • understanding people and situations
  • analysing problems
  • formulating and advising on options
  • facilitating decision making
  • implementing solutions

the CAAV is working, primarily through the Future Skills Working Group, to identify and prepare for the skills that will be needed for members’ businesses in the next decade.


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