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CAAV News - 2009

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World's biggest bird feeder on Game Conservancy Trust farm

02 March 2009

The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (formerly the Game Conservancy Trust) have launched a world record attempt to provide the largest bird feeder on their farm at Loddington in Leicestershire. The full story is available on the GWCT website.

Wild Deer - report by the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology

23 February 2009

The Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology has produced a report on wild deer in the UK which gives an overview of deer populations, the legislation surrounding deer and some of the impacts which an increasing deer population is having on the countryside. The report is available on the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology

Whole industry approach must work to deliver Campaign for the Farmed Environment

05 November 2009

Farming and conservation groups will today (Thursday November 5) join forces with the Government in a groundbreaking agreement to help farmers and land managers protect and enhance the nation's countryside.

The Campaign for the Farmed Environment (CFE) aims to retain the environmental benefits formerly provided by set-aside under the Single Payment Scheme (SPS) in three key areas - resource protection, farmland birds and farm wildlife. The industry led voluntary approach, which was given backing from Government in July, is seen as the most viable alternative to retaining the environmental benefits that were provided by set aside. Further information may be found at

Welsh Forestry prize on offer

19 March 2009

The Forestry Commission are inviting nominations for the Ian Forshaw Memorial Medal which recognises outstanding contributions to Welsh forestry. Further information is available on the Forestry Commission website and the closing date for nominations is 15th June 2009.

Welsh farmers urged to vaccinate for bluetongue

19 February 2009

The Chief Veterinary Officer for Wales has written to all vets in Wales urging them to encourage farmers to take up vaccination of their livestock against bluetongue serotype 8. The full press release can be found on the WAG website.

Welsh Assembly Ministers support TB Eradication Order

09 November 2009

Welsh Assembly Ministers have voted (49-9) to support the TB Eradication (Wales) Order 2009 last week. Further information is available on the Welsh Assembly website. It is understood that the Badger Trust has sent a letter to the Welsh Assembly Government as part of the Judicial Review Pre Action Protocol which asks for a response by 19th November 2009.

Welsh Assembly Government launch Young Entrants Scheme for agriculture

20 July 2009

The Welsh Assembly Government has launched a Young Entrants Support Scheme which will provide grant aid and business advice to young people entering the agricultural industry. For further details, see the press release on the WAG website.

Welsh Assembly Government announces £26 million funding for biogas

12 February 2009

The Welsh Assembly Government has announced a funding package worth £26 million to develop anaerobic digesters as an alternative to landfill across Wales. For the full press release, go to the WAG website.

Water Framework Directive workshops - Wales

27 May 2009

The Environment Agency has announced that it is holding free Water Framework Directive workshops in Glamorgan on 1st June, Abergele on 10th June and Ceredigion on 11th June. Further details are available on the Environment Agency website.

Wales urges farmers to vaccinate early for Bluetongue

30 January 2009

Welsh Assembly Rural Affairs Minister, Elin Jones, and the Chief Veterinary Officer for Wales, Christianne Glossop, have been urging farmers to vaccinate early in 2009 against Bluetongue. Further information is available on the WAG website.

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