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CAAV News - 2009

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Aid for Cumbrian farmers

21 December 2009

Grant aid is available for Cumbrian farmers to help them clear land of debris and stone left behind after the recent floods. Further information is available on the DEFRA website.

RPA meets first formal target for SPS 2009 payments

18 December 2009

The RPA has met its first formal target for the issue of SPS 2009 payments having made 75% of full payments by value. This first formal target was due to be met by the end of January. The next formal target to be met is 90% of full payments by value by the end of March. Further information is available on the RPA website.

Calling all Mediators!

15 December 2009

We are compiling a list of CAAV members who act as Mediators in order to assist other members in need of this service. Members who would like their details included should contact Kate Russell at 

Pre-Budget Report - headlines

09 December 2009

VAT to return to 17.5% at 01/01/10
SDLT holiday ends 31/12/09
Empty rates relief to continue
National Insurance contributions to rise by 0.5%
IHT personal allowance threshold frozen at £325,000
50p per month levy on landlines to pay for improved broadband access.

As we receive the detailed papers we will post further information on the website.

SPS 2009 payments RPA update

08 December 2009

The RPA has issued a 2009 SPS payments update which states that 81% of SPS claimants in England should have received full payments to date following the opening of the payment window on 1st December 2009. Further information is available on the RPA website.

EU approves 300 million euro package for dairy farmers

07 December 2009

The EU has approved an emergency aid package for dairy farmers worth 300 million euros. The UK's share of the total is 29.26 million euros which is to be allocated to individual farmers by the end of June 2010. DEFRA has until the end of February to decide the objective criteria it will use to distribute the funds. Further information will be posted as soon as it is available.

EU authorises State Aid to French farmers

03 December 2009

The EU has authorised the payment of direct grants, subsidised loans and interest rate subsidies worth up to 15,000 euros to French farmers affected by the current economic crisis. For further information, see the Europa press release.

2009 CAAV exams success

03 December 2009

The CAAV's professional exams of 2009 have seen 62 qualify to apply for Fellowship. This is 11 more than the previous highest figure of 51 in 2006 and 21 up on last year. A further 35 succeeded in passing part of the examinations with another part to sit in future.

The results were posted to candidates on 1st December.

Natural England confirms new chairman

03 December 2009

Poul Christensen has been confirmed as the new Chairman of Natural England. For further details, see the Natural England website.

RPA commences SPS 2009 payments

02 December 2009

With the opening of the Single Payment Scheme (SPS) 2009 payment window on 1st December, the RPA has commenced making payments.

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