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DEFRA and WAG grant temporary suspension of cross compliance to allow harvest on waterlogged land

10 September 2008

As a result of the wet weather conditions experienced, DEFRA has today (10th September 2008) confirmed a temporary suspension of the cross compliance standard which prevents farmers from using mechanical equipment and vehicles on waterlogged land (Good Agricultural and Environmental Condition - GAEC 3). Such activity will be permitted temporarily until 4th October 2008 and will be subject to review.

Environment Secretary Hilary Benn stated, "I am very aware of the problems that farmers are facing in many parts of the contry in getting the harvest in after all the heavy rain there has been, and the prohibition on using machinery on waterlogged soil is likely to make the problems worse".

The Welsh Assembly Goverment has similarly put in place this temporary suspension.

Farmers in England need to ensure that they update their Soil Protection Review with regard to any damage to the soil and action they intend to take to minimise damage. This also applies in Wales where this information needs to be recorded on their Cross Compliance Soil Assessment Record booklet.

Please see DEFRA's website and WAG's website for further information.

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