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CAAV News - 2007

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Bluetongue detected in Imported animal

14 December 2007

Defra today announced that Bluetongue virus has been detected in an imported cow on a premises near Middlesbrough which is outside the existing Bluetongue Protection and Surveillance Zones. Please click here to view the news release from Defra.

(DEFRA) Foot and mouth disease export restrictions lifted

14 December 2007

For further information please click here.

Avian Influenza - Protection & Surveillance Zones to be lifted

06 December 2007

Defra has confirmed that, subject to no further changes in the disease position, the Protection and Surveillance Zones imposed with regard to the avian influenza outbreak in Suffolk are to be lifted as follows:

  • First Protection Zone - to be lifted and become part of wider Surveillance Zone on Saturday 8th December
  • Second Protection Zone - to be lifted and become part of wider Surveillance Zone on Monday 10th December
  • Wider Surveillance Zone and Restricted Zone to be lifted on Wednesday 19th December.

For further information, please see Defra's website.

Avian Influenza update - first epidemiology report published

30 November 2007

The first epidemiology report into this H5N1 avian influenza outbreak has been published. No evidence has so far been found to indicate introduction via infected poultry or poultry products or vehicles/people transporting them, from countries which have undisclosed infection in their domestic turkey, geese and duck population. Wild birds cannot be ruled out as a source of infection; there is no evidence of H5N1 infection in the local wild bird population or in GB as a whole, but continued surveillance may help clarify the infection status of the wild bird population. Further surveillance, testing and epidemiological work on this outbreak is ongoing.

Further information: News Release

Avian influenza update: bird gatherings permitted outside restricted zone

23 November 2007

Defra today announced that it is lifting the ban on bird gatherings, shows and pigeon racing which has been in place since confirmation of avian influenza in Suffolk on 12 November. This decision is based on expert consideration of surveillance and tracing results.

As a precautionary measure, the ban will remain in place within the Restricted, Surveillance and Protection Zones in Suffolk and Norfolk. Birds from those zones will not be able to be taken to gatherings in the rest of the country.

Bird gatherings must take place under the normal biosecurity, notification and record-keeping requirements of a general licence, which can be found on the Defra website.

For further information on avian influenza please click here

Avian Influenza - declaration of a Protection Zone, Surveillance Zone and Restricted Zone.

19 November 2007

Please click here to view the Declaration of a Protection Zone,Surveillance Zone and Restricted Zone as of 2.30pm, Monday 19th November.

Avian Influenza - Latest news

16 November 2007

Update 18:00 15 November

Defra has today made available general licences to address immediate issues relating to the movement of bird by-products and mammals in the zones in place for Avian Influenza.

The national ban on bird gatherings and movement restrictions in the zones remain firmly in place. It is essential that poultry keepers are vigilant in checking their birds and report signs of notifiable disease immediately.

Also today, the decision has been taken to reclassify the cull at one of the four dangerous contacts premises identified yesterday to a slaughter on suspicion of Avian Influenza. Samples have been taken for laboratory testing.

A full epidemiological investigation is underway and all avenues into the origin of this outbreak are being investigated. Surveillance of poultry premises is underway, surveillance of wild birds has been increased in Norfolk and Suffolk and the national targeted wild bird surveillance programme is ongoing.

Bluetongue Disease: Amendment to Protection Zone

15 November 2007

Please click here to view the Declaration amending the Bluetongue Protection Zone extending it slightly in two areas in Cambridgeshire.  These are small extensions to address specific welfare issues, specifically to allow movement of animals off the Nene Marsh to their home farms.

More information (including the interactive map allowing zooming in to these areas to see the exact boundaries) is available on the Defra website.

Avian Influenza: Precautionary culling on four further premises

14 November 2007

Following initial epidemiological work and veterinary assessment, four further premises have been identified as Dangerous Contacts.  All poultry on these premises will be culled as a precautionary measure.  These premises are within the existing Restricted Zone.  This action is in line with DEFRA's contingency plans and takes into account the level of assessed risk at this early stage in the outbreak.

In addition, some general licences to address immediate welfare issues in the area covered by the zones are being issued today.


For further information please click here.

Avian Influenza Outbreak: additional restrictions

13 November 2007

Further restrictions are being put in place in a wider area surrounding the infected premises near Diss as a precautionary measure.

A wider Restricted Zone has been established in addition to the controls put in place yesterday; i.e. the 3 km Protection Zone and 10 km Surveillance Zone around the Infected Premises. The new Restricted Zone covers much of Norfolk and the whole of Suffolk.

For more information please click here.

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