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Teresa Villiers confirmed as new Environment Secretary

25 July 2019

Following yesterday's Cabinet reshuffle which saw Michael Gove become Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Teresa Villiers has been confirmed as the new Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Ten Month Rule to End

23 January 2008

This week's Council of Ministers meeting has agreed on the end of the ten month rule.  A more detailed note is included in Members' Documents which also covers the position on cross compliance liability and taxation.



TB table valuations case to seek leave to appeal to House of Lords

22 April 2009

The NFU has today announced that they are going to support David Partridge in seeking leave to appeal to the House of Lords following the Court of Appeal decision allowing DEFRA's appeal earlier this month regarding the use of average table values when paying compensation for cattle affected by bovine TB. Further information is available on the NFU website.

TB Table Valuations case refused leave to appeal to House of Lords

26 June 2009

The NFU backed bovine TB compensation table valuations legal case involving David Partridge has been refused leave to appeal to the House of Lords which means that the decision handed down by the Court of Appeal on 1st April 2009 stands. Please see the NFU Press Release for further information.

TB outbreak in closed herd in Cumbria

28 April 2011

The farming press reports that animal health officials are investigating a TB outbreak in a closed dairy herd near Penrith, in a part of Cumbria previously largely unaffected by the disease. 

TB Eradication (Wales) Order 2009 laid by Minister

01 October 2009

Following a public consultation, the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) has laid the TB Eradication (Wales) Order 2009 which gives them powers to make use of culling and vaccination of badgers as part of the Welsh TB Eradication Programme. Further information is available on the WAG website.

Task Force on Farming Regulation

10 June 2010

DEFRA has announced that a Task Force on Farming Regulation, led by Richard Macdonald, will identify ways to reduce the regulatory burden on agriculture. Further detail is available on the DEFRA website.

Talbot Ponsonby Prize Winner

01 July 2013

The Talbot Ponsonby Prize, given by the Royal Agricultural Society of England for the top marks in the CAAV examinations, was awarded to John Haimes at the 69th CAAV AGM in June. The runner up prize for the 2012 examinations was Simon Brown.

Swine flu (H1N1) found in UK poultry

12 January 2011

DEFRA has confirmed that H1N1 has been found in turkeys on a Cheshire farm. Further information is available on the DEFRA website.

Suspected FMD case in Northern Ireland

09 January 2007

Following suspected cases of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) in pigs, premises at Stevenson & Co., 146 Fenaghy Road, Cullybackey, Ballymena, Co. Antrim, BT42 1EA was declared by a veterinary officer as a suspect premises at 4.15 p.m. yesterday (8th January). The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development have issued a declaration of a temporary control zone which comprises 300 metres around the perimeter of the premises (centred on grid reference D061 053). This declaration may be viewed by clicking here. Samples have been taken away for testing for FMD and SVD and preliminary results are expected later today (9th January). To view the full news release please click here.

Suspected case of vesicular disease in pigs in Norfolk

12 September 2007

Defra has this afternoon (12th September -15.25) imposed a 3 km Temporary Control Zone in Dereham in Norfolk following a suspected case of vesicular disease in pigs. Further information is awaited.

Supreme Court to take over from House of Lords

28 July 2009

The House of Lords' role as the final and highest court of appeal will come to an end at the end of July. From October 2009 the new Supreme Court will take over those functions. For further details, see the press release on the Parliament website

Supermarket Ombudsman gets the go-ahead

13 January 2010

The Department for Business Innovation and Skills has announced that it has accepted the Competition Commission's recommendation for a body to enforce the new Groceries Supply Code of Practice. A consultation on the matter is expected to be launched in February.

Superfast broadband in north Wales

11 February 2011

The Treasury has announced funding of £10 million to roll out superfast broadband in north Wales. Further information is available on the Treasury website.

Summary Guide to Scottish Agricultural Rent Reviews

13 January 2014

The Summary Guide to Scottish Rent Reviews, published by the CAAV, SAAVA and RICS Scotland, can be downloaded from the link below. The full publication, A Practitioner's Guide to Scottish Agricultural Rent Reviews, is available to purchase via the CAAV online shop at a cost of £80 to non-members. CAAV members may order a copy free of charge by contacting the office.

Download the Summary Guide to Scottish Agricultural Rent Reviews.

State Opening of Parliament - Queen's Speech

14 October 2019

The State Opening of Parliament took place ealier today and the Queen's Speech set out the government's agenda for the next session of Parliament. It annouced 26 Bills, including the reintroduction of the Agriculture Bill and an Environment Bill.

Stamp Duty threshold increased from £125,000 to £175,000 for residential property

02 September 2008

BBC News has reported that the Government is to increase the Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) threshold for residential property from £125,000 to £175,000 with effect from 3rd September 2008 for a temporary period of one year. Further information is yet to be published.

SPS: Rooker welcomes abolition of 10 month rule

28 January 2008

Lord Rooker has today (28th January) welcomed the abolition of the 10 month rule with regard to the Single Payment Scheme (SPS) following agreement at the EU Agriculture Council held earlier this week. He also confirmed that, for 2008 SPS claims onwards, 15th May will be the single day that an SPS applicant will need to have land which forms part of an SPS claim "at his disposal" in order to claim. This applies to the UK. For further information, please refer to Defra's website. Further guidance and information is awaited from the RPA.

SPS Online sees numbers double for 2011 claims

23 May 2011

The RPA has confirmed that by 16th May SPS deadline, they had received 30,850 claims via SPS Online compared with 16,054 in 2010. The total number of claims received in 2011 has remained at around 105,000. Further information is available on the RPA website.

SPS Online - temporary issue now resolved

19 April 2012

The RPA has confirmed that the temporary issue that was being experienced with SPS Online and 2012 submissions earlier this week has now been resolved. Please see the RPA website for further information.

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