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Student Membership is open to students in full-time education (including a placement year) who are interested in agricultural valuation and rural matters. Student members are not required to be affiliated to any specific Local Association. On completion of full-time education, students entering the profession will be expected to transfer to Probationer membership.

Application process:

Prospective student members should complete the application form and forward it direct to the Secretariat. Your application should be accompanied by a cheque for £35 (inc. VAT) made payable to ‘CAAV’ for the current annual student subscription in force at the time.  For students joining in the last quarter of any calendar year, the subscription will cover the following year as well.

Please see College Training and CAAV Examinations for further information.

Why become an Agricultural Valuer?

Agricultural Valuers work in all sorts of places, wherever their rural property skills are needed, across the whole of England, Wales and Scotland. Many work in private practice, employed by (or running) a company which provides property advice for lots of different clients. Other Valuers work for charities or corporate businesses with land and property interests, including managing traditional landed estates. Some work for the Government or for non-governmental organisations and others act as advisers to trade associations and professional bodies.

Find out more about these different types of work.

Part time students

Part time students – see Probationer membership

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