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Probationer membership is open to all who intend to become Fellows of the CAAV by taking the CAAV examinations.

Probationer members must belong to at least one Local Association in the area where they practise.

Application process:

Prospective probationers need to complete two copies of the application form and forward them both to the Local Association secretary. The Local Association secretary will then forward the application (if content it is proper) to the Secretary and Adviser. The Secretariat will then process the application.

Download a copy of the guidance notes (pdf 13kb) on duties and responsibilities of proposers of applications for membership.

Probationers who joined after 12th July 2001 are entitled to six years' membership. Those who joined before 12th July 2001 are entitled to retain their probationer membership for ten years and a further two years if they have taken but failed to pass the examinations to become a CAAV Fellow. Any further membership after those dates would require a fresh application.

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