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Landed Estates

Alan Granger

Alan Granger is Resident Land Agent and Chief Executive to the Ragley Estate.

My job involves leading and managing a diverse 6,500 acre traditional estate, where there is no such thing as a typical week as so many different things are going on.  I look after the owners’ expectations from the estate, which means that I have to consider the commercial reasons for what we do, balanced with an understanding of taxation, impacts on neighbours, the environment, legislation, and our own staff and tenants.  At the same time I am planning for the future and the eventual succession by the next generation.

We employ some 80 people in 5 different enterprises, so a lot of my work is trying to get the best from our staff and other physical resources.  It is a hugely rewarding job managing a large rural business.  Some of the benefits are also very exciting, such as hosting the CLA Game Fair, APF Forestry Demo, car shows, concerts and so on – and of course the opportunity to experience almost all country sports.

Andrew Brough

Andrew Brough works for The Buccleuch Estates Ltd as the Estate Manager of Bowhill Estate.

My job is never dull!  My role is the  management of a 63,000 acre estate in the Scottish Borders. While the Estate has sporting interests, farming and forestry, my main role is the management of the property portfolio.  From drafting licences for small areas of ground to  letting houses & farms, managing a repairs budget and the development of Master Plans,  I can be involved in it all. 

We also carry out some fairly large infrastructure projects; at the moment we are installing two bridges on a farm after the previous bridges collapsed.  Away from the estate I spend time talking to local communities and politicians about what we do and keeping them up to speed with the issues which are currently affecting the estate. 

Finally every once in a while I get the opportunity to get back on an ATV and ride round the hills, getting close up with what happens on the estate.  On a sunny day I don’t think anybody has a better job!

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