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Jane Turney

Jane Turney works for the Cheshire Farms Service as an Assistant Land Agent, managing the farms owned by Cheshire East Borough Council.

One of the many attractions of my job is that you never know what the next telephone call will bring! It is definitely not predictable. Amongst other qualities, being able to think on your feet and having a sound agricultural knowledge are essential. Managing the Council smallholdings involves using a wide range of skill sets.

A typical day may involve a combination of site visits and office work. Site visits can be a good opportunity to visit the smallholdings and discuss issues with the tenants. This can include identifying maintenance work that needs doing and then meeting up with contractors to discuss the work, obtain quotes and commission the work. If a tenant is leaving a smallholding this could involve serving the appropriate notices and drawing up claims for the end of tenancy matters to be dealt with. It certainly is a varied and interesting job with a combination of outdoor and office work and dealing with a wide range of people.

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