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Dispute Resolution

Some people will have issues that lead to disputes or differences that need to be resolved.  The CAAV President can be asked to appoint or nominate a professional to settle a dispute or difference.  It will depend on the nature of the issue whether it is best handled in the courts or by a tribunal or, as increasingly happens, by more informal means such as:

  • mediation
  • expert determination
  • arbitration

CAAV Power to Appoint People to Settle Disputes

In some cases, an agreement, such as a lease, will already provide a dispute resolution mechanism that allows one party to ask the President of the CAAV to act and so set the process in motion.  In other cases, it will need the agreement of both parties to the dispute to ask the CAAV President to do this.

Once asked, the CAAV President can appoint or nominate someone to act in the required role, whether as a mediator, expert or arbitrator, to help resolve the matter.  For an agricultural or rural dispute that person may often be a CAAV Fellow but there are occasions when someone with other professional skills will be appropriate.

Applications for appointments should be made on this form

The fee for this service is £100 (including VAT)

All inquiries should be made to Jeremy Moody at the Secretariat.

In Scotland, the Scottish Agricultural Arbiters and Valuers Association (SAAVA), affiliated to the CAAV, is statutorily recognised as an Arbitral Appointments Referee, empowered by law to appoint an arbitrator if required by someone.

SAAVA’s President will also appoint people to settle a matter as an expert or act as mediator.

Applications for appointments should be made on this form: this form

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