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The CAAV Committees are responsible for technical matters, responding to consultations and issues raised in practice as well as developing CAAV numbered publications (often through working parties involving skilled members from outside the Committee).

Members are welcome to put general questions of principle and general professional interest to the Committees as well as contributions to consultation responses and discussion drafts. However queries relating to any specific individual case a member may be handling should be directed to the CAAV Secretariat.

The Committees are:


Chairman – Simon Pallett Tel: 01962 833360  Email:

Committee members –  Charles Meynell (Vice Chairman), David Coulson, Simon Mair, Nick Millard, Michael Mashiter, The President, the Vice-Presidents and Immediate Past President and Jeremy Moody for the Secretariat.

Education and Examinations

Chairman – Simon Alden Tel: 01235 862888 Email:

Vice Chairman – Andrew Wallace

Committee members – Jim Major,  Martin Hall, David Lewis, David Steel, Joe Hess, Rodney Powell, Chris Hyde, Tom Jones, Jeremy Liley and Jeremy Moody for the Secretariat.

Farming and Environment

Chairman –  Jo Merritt Tel: 01237-451-044 Email:

Convenor – Kate Jennings

Committee members – Andy Dyer, Jim Egan (GWCT), Hayden Foster, Richard King, James Sealy, Alastair Sneddon, Andrew Wallace, Hugh Baker, Mark Webb, Penny Stokes and Alice De Soer for the Secretariat.


Chairman – Robert Rhys Tel: 01458 223027 Email:

Convenor – Charles Clark

Committee members – Eifion Bibby, Charles Clark, Philip Day, Rebecca Horne, Charles Meynell, Simon Pallett, Josh Pollock, Ian Thornton-Kemsley, Matt Stuart, Ben Sharples, Paul Smith, Paul Williamson, Belinda Young and Jeremy Moody and Kate Russell for the Secretariat.

Valuation, Compensation and Taxation

Chairman – Andrew Coney Tel: 01772 882277 Email:

Convenor – James Dick

Committee members – Roger Bedson, Philip Coles, Geoff Coster, Edward Briggs, Andrew Highwood, Alexander Creed, Andrew Lane, Nick Millard, Vicki Oliver, Philip Pollard, John Unterhalter, John Ikin, Charles Cowap, Michael Townsend, Shaun Irvine, Charles Birch, Christian Green, Andrew Robertson and Jeremy Moody and Kate Russell for the Secretariat.


Chairman – Ian Austin Tel: 01314 496212  Email:

Administrative Secretary - Christine Nisbet

Committee members –  James Dick, Hugh Jones, Christopher Savage, Alan Stannett, Sarah Mason, David Seed, Douglas Ogilvie, Ian Thornton-Kemsley, Rob Forrest,  Duncan Barrie, David Mitchell, Jane Mitchell, Gareth Taylor, Lyndsay McGregor and Jeremy Moody for the Secretariat.


Chairman – Richard Williams Tel: 01244 571815 Email:

Vice Chairman – Dyfrig Siencyn

Secretary - Gary Owen

Committee members – Mair Jones (N. Wales AVA Chairman), Bill Hastings, Ian Howell, Chris Hyde, Lloyd James (S. Wales AVA Chairman), Jeremy Liley, Irving Parry, Kathryn Perkins, Gwilym Richards, Andrew Thomas, Richard Williams, Rosie Wilson, Tudor Watkins, and Jeremy Moody and Alice De Soer for the Secretariat.

Northern Ireland

Chairman - Richard Crowe Tel: 02890 524625 Email:

Vice Chairman - Tim Martin

Secretary - Matt Stuart

Committee members - Ken Crawford, Scott Edmondson (Treasurer), Douglas Gibson, Gareth Gibson, Shaun Irvine, David McKinney and Jeremy Moody and Kate Russell for the Secretariat,


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